Building House #3

Under construction. HA!
No really I can't wait to start posting about this.  From everything I hear building a house is incredibly stressful, hard on a marriage and of course expensive.  We are hoping to avoid all of those issues but are certain it will be a learning experience either way.  Can't wait to show you what we are up to and how we hopefully build our home sweet home with a thrifty budget.

Changing it up..aka more planning
Oh the choices we make
Chipped, Chopped, and Sawn... Oh My!
Here we GO!
We're on a fast moving train and I like it.
The thoughts behind the floorplan
Choosing Floors
Foundation Prep and Pour


Kimberly Simpson said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to see the finished product as I am building a home very similar to your house plan.

We are about to embark on building our first house and have loved reading your blog on house #3.