Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh Ya'll

Stuff is happening.  It looked like a real live construction site out at the new place yesterday with several subs and several helpers. 

The very very most exciting part was this.
The countertops around the perimeter of the kitchen were on and the bargain costco tile was up!
The craigslist find oven and ebay scratch n dent vent hood go right there in the middle.

Over to the left the one of the many things the cabinet guy messed up on was the enclosed look for the fridge.  So that wood there on the left will obviously be made to blend in and be painted white.
I hear the hardware on the cabs and doors will start going on today and then it will really feel like a house!  Except there is still no power or water.  Hubs gets to have a come to Jesus meeting with the builder about why the water company is saying they have had no contact with or payment from him.  Fun stuff.

Then the fireplace tile was finished!!
Do you remember in the last post I mentioned that hole was bugging me?  Contractor J(my hubs) was told by the builder that nothing could be done about that but when he talked to the plumber the plumber said he didn't think it would be a problem to move it.  We shall see.

The plumber was busy installing toilets and bath fixtures too...

As usual these are sad phone pics but someday soon we shall get the real camera out and share more details about selections and colors and such.  

I'm loving the light and neutral tones of everything and contractor J says he feels like he is in a black and white movie;) usually he has faith in my choices and is just excited as I am to get our old dirty furniture in the house to warm it up.  HA! 



myra said... Best Blogger Tips

It's just beautiful Jessica! I'm so glad some good stuff is happening. You guys deserve it after all you've been through. Hopefully the rest of it will continue on this upward trend. Fingers and toes crossed. :)

Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, girl! It's super fun to see the "pretty" stuff happening. Love your Costco find!