Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hi guys...
Well looky what we have!

Some** of our Silestone countertops in Lagoon finally arrived.  I actually haven't seen them in person because well honestly I have a hard time going out to the job site these days.  I'm afraid I will get real ugly real fast (no one wants to see a crazy redhead throwing her finger around and spitting fire) when I hear one more excuse about why this and that didn't happen.  My poor husband should be charging per hour for all the time that he has had to spend watching over and fixing things and all out building things on his own.  I know what many of you are thinking.  Why on earth haven't they fired these people?  Well it's complicated. We keep thinking " it's almost done.  Next week a ton is going to happen". HA! It's because we are told it is of course.  We would actually have to find another builder willing to finish the job for the amount of funds left in our construction loan and the bank would have to verify that all subs have been paid in full before we could've started that process(which they probably haven't been per our experience and per things we have been told). And many people have asked why we aren't taking some sort of recourse?  Well that too is complicated.  We want it to be over.  We don't want anyone hurt even though we get furious(as a matter of fact after another negative discussion with my husband who I'll now call Contractor J) he said he felt like his eyes were bleeding he was so upset with the newest news.  
The newest news is the water company is telling us that the hook up process hasn't even been started by said builder and yet he is promising us that he took care of it and has a receipt.  Unfortunately it's hard to believe anyone at this point.
Remember the last post about the countertop guy no showing 5 times?  Well Contractor J (aka hubs) got to talk to the countertop guy yesterday before our "contractor" got there and was told they would have been there a week ago but have yet to be paid for all materials so he wasn't willing to finish the job.  We had a suspicion the countertop contractor wasn't answering our calls for a reason but hated to make assumptions against our builder.  Apparently there is a history with non payment:/  and our job was his last straw I guess.  He decided he wasn't going to do business with our guy until he was paid.  Makes since right?  So we have two different stories.  Funny thing is our builder took the countertop guy in  another room to speak with him as soon as he arrived.  Looked fishy to everyone around.
So...what we have now is the perimeter of the kitchen only.  He agreed to do that much until he was paid more because we keep having to reschedule the tile guy who needs to do our backsplash.  
Again I say...It's Crazytown up in here!!!
But lets leave with this...
This is the section in between the two pocket doors which is directly across from the fireplace.  We are planning on doing something fun above these cabinets since we opted for no upper cabs on this wall.  That big hole there will house a single oven.  

So tomorrow something is suppose to be happening (I think the tile is going up) but I don't remember...Oh and he told us the water meter was going in but...uh yea I doubt it!  Days mentioned don't mean a thing to us anymore.  We believe it when we see it.  Just today contractor J said "I wish for once I could call you with good news like they got this this and that done today"..and all I can do is apologize to my husband for the many mini heart attacks, gray hairs, and high blood pressure because I have had to wash my hands of a lot of it and just let him be the leader.

All that said...I can't wait to make this our home.  It will happen.  And you know what...even if it didn't I would be ok with that.  Give me my family a little house and some chickens and all would be cool. And another thing...I would do it again.  What? You say.  Oh yes WE feel confident that we have learned enough through all of this to build a casa on our own.  We aren't but I'm just sayin.

Thanks for giving a rip my friends;)