Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally..A Tour of the Powder Bath

Did you think I would never ever post pictures of how the hows turned out after we built?  I've wondered myself.  I've had a few requests for a House Tour since the construction finished up last May  but honestly I just haven't had it in me.  
Today is different though.  I thought "o.k. I WILL post some pics of the bathrooms today".
And then…I couldn't find my camera.  Seems the hubs never in a million years thought I needed it today and he took it with him to work?  Huh.
Anywho…So to make myself feel better I took some fancy I phone pics and I WILL most certainly still show you the powder bath and how it is slowly but surely being decorated.

Here she is..
Wait.  Don't leave yet.  She's cute but once she gets a little lipstick she's more fun.  Read on.

It's very difficult to get pics of powder bathrooms don't you think? 
We installed the cabinet and sink ourselves from IKEA and I can't remember for sure where the faucet is from but I believe it was online at Lowes. The light is from Lowes as well..I think:/  (I kid you not when I say I've tried to block out the whole experience and apparently I'm pretty good at it)

I love the mirror I found at Ross one day.  Can you say SCORE!  

So the room was pretty blah.  We haven't ventured into painting anything and I'm not positive about the direction I want to go in here but I came across these books on Amazon and it helped a TON.

Ashley and Jamin Mills from the Handmade Home put together these awesome books that include 40 prints that will fit in any 8 x 10 frame with all kinds of matting possibilities.  All of the prints work together beautifully and I can't wait to use them all throughout out home as we finally start hanging things on the walls!

As you see above I first found some frames that I had stashed in our guest room AKA decor storage room.


We have no bed for company but you can shop in here if you like.  Oh snap I forgot I had those purple peacock pillows!  Woohoo!

I digress.  So as you saw above I played with the picture layout on the floor first and then started hanging.  No measuring required.  My philosophy is just to wing it which would drive some batty but I don't have the patience for measuring.  If it doesn't look right just move your nail over.  
Guys remember these are phone pics..Lame

So that's how she sat for a while and then I remembered I had my old dresser my parents bought me when I was two that would be fun and funky and brighten up the place.

I painted the dresser for my now 6 year old daughters nursery and now here she sits all fun and bright in out powder bath. 

As you can see we also received another addition to the family for Christmas.  My inlays got us the fab marquee letter H and it fits just fine in here for now.  Mr. marquee may end up in the playroom when we get around to doing something in there.

So there you go.  A teeny tiny peek at how one room actually turned out after construction and is slowly evolving into a homey little space.  Next up…I hope to show you the master bath but I need my real camera back to do it justice.