Monday, April 22, 2013

Patience and ingenuity...praying for those!

We did it.  We moved into the new casa!  It's not finished and in fact there have been a few big issues like an a.c went out and the septic tank runeth over.  We also have no working cooktop and our awesome Craigslist find of an oven has no electricity because the builder and electrician decided to forgo paying attention to the electric plans;/. No one likes to read plans around here.  But....we are in and attempting to get settled. Oh and our sons room was flooded by a leaky toilet and we've been waiting for the carpet and trim to be replaced for at least two weeks now. Maybe more and forgive me if I already mentioned the "flood".  There has been a lot going on!  

So onto the ingenuity and picture portion of this post.

This is  a table I found at my favorite warehouse sale two years ago.  We practically built the kitchen/dining area around it.  We set it up on moving day and there's a little problem.  It's warped like crazy.  I don't know if it was like that when it was delivered(we never put it together) or if sitting in the garaged during the 112 degree summers did  it but it won't screw down into the legs.  We candle anew top for it but  $ is tight right now so we are trying the wet towel and heavy weight  approach.  Ain't it fancy?  Wish us luck.  In the meantime we are eating in the family room because we don't have barstools or dining chairs either.  It's  "fancy campin" I tell ya!
Oh and if this post is wonky it's because I'm doing it all on my iPhone via an app because we don't have any Internet service yet;). See. Just like camping. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heart Palpations

I'm not kidding guys.  I'm ashamed of myself.  I absolutely have deep down heart hurting pains of guilt for being so excited about a kitchen.  That's another post for another day when I'm not floating in the clouds.    I just can't wait to show you what has finally come to fruition!

Bestow my heart...We have lights!   Lots of them..Too many maybe but uh what the heck!

Did you notice anything else?  It's kinda CLEAN.  You can see the floor.  It makes such a difference!

And yes there is still work to be done and still a bit of clean up to do but folks most of the electricity is working(did I even blog about that mishap?),  and I think all of the faucets are working(I think I left out that drama too didn't I?), and the carpet will be replaced(oh I didn't tell you about that either?).  You know what I'll tell ya later, for now lets just go to a happy place.

Thanks for giving a rip and following us through the mountains and valleys'!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready to play!

Every now and then I get really bored with construction talk.  Actually I think you all know I'm "over it" and ready to move on to making our house a home.  It needs some "Cozy" bad but we also have no budget to decorate so we will be making due with what we have had for a while.  Since a lot of our stuff has been in boxes in the garage it will almost seem like new to us stuff anyway right?  But.....I do get the urge to change it all up.  I can't help it and more than likely if your reading this you get those urges too.  I tell my friend Dana it's our disease.  You have it to don't you;)?  

When I browsed through Chris and Julia's Joss and Main curators collection I fell in love with just about everything they had picked. 

These two pillows and rug are what really pulled me in so I thought I would grab them and have some fun! 

Since I can't shop right now(and honestly we have a goal to simplify and if we need something buy used..) then I decided to "pretend shop" for our living room.  
I found a picture of our fireplace, took a few key items that I loved from their collection, and incorporated a light blue sofa(much cooler than ours) since that is what we currently have and pulled together a funky, trendy, classy, rustic mix!  You know I think my man is fairly lucky;)  He has a wife who gets the shopping bug and instead of actually buying things she throws them in a moodboard to get it out of her system.  Right honey?  Lucky I tell ya!

I'm throwing this post together in a jiffy but you can find many of these items on my pinterest page.  Actually if you click on this picture on my pinterest page you can get to most sources if need be through olioboard.  And...of course you can go shop Chris and Julia's collection.

Check ya later...
Oh and P.S they finally poured our driveway!!!!  I'll post pics soon.


Friday, April 5, 2013

What's the word?

Well we've been told we will have water and electricity today!  Now we have been told this before so... you know we don't hold our breath over hear because we would be plenty dead by now;)

But...I think it is really going to happen!  Can I tell you how excited I am to be able to flip a switch and see light?!  VERY! 

The water meter was finally put in a few days ago and now the plumber just has to connect to it and then he can put in our faucets!!

Again today the dozer is suppose to be there to move dirt around for the driveway(one broke down, then it rained, then there was miscommunication:(.  Tomorrow the rebar goes down for the driveway and then the concrete is scheduled to be poured on monday!  So next week it should all get real!! There is a ton of clean up to do before we can move in so we are hoping that can happen early next week and then we will MOVE IN!  I can't believe the end is almost near.  I suppose at some point deep down I never thought it would happen but it will and we are so ready to get back to some sense of our "normal"! Yahoo!


Monday, April 1, 2013

A Big Surprise

Hi there. Hope everyone enjoyed the long Easter holiday. We enjoyed a little road trip to see family for the first time in a while. We've felt a little tied down due to the always pending construction decisions so it was nice to step away for a couple of days. There were however some things happening while we were away! As a matter of fact hubs said "I can't believe we are leaving THIS weekend!" because he had been told this and that would happen but honestly that's always the case and I didn't want to put off seeing family once again just in case something happened at the house.   On the way back into town we decided to stop by and take a look and SURPRISE......they had finished our countertops, installed door hardware and finished our back porch railing!

It was so good to walk away feeling half decent about a couple of things.

So first up is the countertops! More specifically the island. I think I might be in love. It is huge.  I'm so glad we went with the Silestone in Lagoon for the whole space.  We had considered doing their gray expo on the perimeter to cut costs but it wouldn't have been so bright and I'm diggin it!

OK you guys know by now I only take phone pics anymore so bear with me and this horrible shot of our lovely little scratch and dent stainless apron sink.   I think I likey!!  

This is the master bath double vanity with gray expo countertops.  Hubs is still working on the whole staining of the cabinets thing so hopefully this will look more finished ASAP.  We are also still waiting on someone to come measure for the tempered shower door glass.

The kids bath got the gray expo too!

And BAAM we can finally get down to the back yard without twisting an ankle.

We went with the hog wire look for the back porch railing because well...because we like it.  We were going to do a cable rail system in the beginning but we decided not to venture there with our builder because I'm certain he has never done anything like that before.  
We love the way it turned out.  Mostly because it makes it look less like a construction site!

The electrician had also been there as well.   I don't think I have shown you guys the front porch light we bought a while back?  It's been hanging there for a bit but he didn't have the "cagey part" on there so I had never taken a pic but here she is.  I love her too....

As for the hardware I totally forgot to take a picture of the handles on the doors but here is a peek of the pocket door handles/pulls.  We felt like the standard small circle ones would be funny looking on the 8 foot doors so I found these instead.  I like that they are more substantial but simple.

So there you have it.  There were some things that hadn't happened too.  The driveway guys wanted to pour the concrete on monday(tomorrow) but the builder hasn't had the dozers out there to move the dirt and such yet so they haven't been able to finish framing it or lay the rebar. And most importantly we still don't have water or power in the house yet. Here's hoping for a promising week.

I'll leave you with a lovely big surprise that I noticed when talking to contractor J as we stood in the kitchen/dining area.

A gorgeous rainbow!  I was really taken back by this today.  I have always admired a rainbow like most of us have but there was something really special to me about seeing this reminder from God on this special Easter Sunday!