Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heart Palpations

I'm not kidding guys.  I'm ashamed of myself.  I absolutely have deep down heart hurting pains of guilt for being so excited about a kitchen.  That's another post for another day when I'm not floating in the clouds.    I just can't wait to show you what has finally come to fruition!

Bestow my heart...We have lights!   Lots of them..Too many maybe but uh what the heck!

Did you notice anything else?  It's kinda CLEAN.  You can see the floor.  It makes such a difference!

And yes there is still work to be done and still a bit of clean up to do but folks most of the electricity is working(did I even blog about that mishap?),  and I think all of the faucets are working(I think I left out that drama too didn't I?), and the carpet will be replaced(oh I didn't tell you about that either?).  You know what I'll tell ya later, for now lets just go to a happy place.

Thanks for giving a rip and following us through the mountains and valleys'!


Missy in Texas said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Your kitchen looks amazing. Yes.. that is a lot of lights. Put a dimmer switch on them and you will love them so much.

Julia said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there! I don't even remember how I found you through pinterest, but I'm loving reading about your house build. We are in the process of doing a similar thing, however we are having a shell built for us which will have a fully dried in shell (roof, siding, doors, windows, all walls framed) with hubby having done all the site prep himself, all the water/power/hvac prep, and all the grading. Then we will finish/act as GC the house ourself, hiring out drywall and insulation but doing all the rest ourselves (electrical, plumbing, hvac, flooring and finish work). I know we have bit off a lot but we have a long time to get it finished, and my hub is a very handy engineer who grew up on a farm and has an electrician brother. So far things are going mostly well :) and the framers start on Monday! I love reading all your posts, and I must say your floorplan is similar (ish) to ours and your must have list/why we did what we did, is SO similar to mine! As was your post about feeling guilty to complain about building your dream house. Ours is a bit different situation, we live on my in-laws farm in a very old and tired farmhouse (that was hub's grandparents) and are building ON the farm on land that will eventually (30yrs?) be ours. We have no plans (or even a possibility) of selling the home because it is on a divided 80 acre plot of active farmland, so we are designing a home that we will live in (maybe with a few small remodels but no huge changes) until we are retirement age+. Crazy. It's great to not have to consider resale value, but it's not easy to design what we want to live with forever, on a not-yet-forever budget! We're early 30s with a toddler, so budget is a HUGE consideration. I would love to get a few details from you on what certain things cost, if you don't mind. Thank you so much for your transparency during this process! How far away is move-in day? Looks like it's close!? I've been jumping around with your posts so forgive me if you answered things already. Good luck!! Julia
julia brianne at gmail dot com