Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ready to play!

Every now and then I get really bored with construction talk.  Actually I think you all know I'm "over it" and ready to move on to making our house a home.  It needs some "Cozy" bad but we also have no budget to decorate so we will be making due with what we have had for a while.  Since a lot of our stuff has been in boxes in the garage it will almost seem like new to us stuff anyway right?  But.....I do get the urge to change it all up.  I can't help it and more than likely if your reading this you get those urges too.  I tell my friend Dana it's our disease.  You have it to don't you;)?  

When I browsed through Chris and Julia's Joss and Main curators collection I fell in love with just about everything they had picked. 

These two pillows and rug are what really pulled me in so I thought I would grab them and have some fun! 

Since I can't shop right now(and honestly we have a goal to simplify and if we need something buy used..) then I decided to "pretend shop" for our living room.  
I found a picture of our fireplace, took a few key items that I loved from their collection, and incorporated a light blue sofa(much cooler than ours) since that is what we currently have and pulled together a funky, trendy, classy, rustic mix!  You know I think my man is fairly lucky;)  He has a wife who gets the shopping bug and instead of actually buying things she throws them in a moodboard to get it out of her system.  Right honey?  Lucky I tell ya!

I'm throwing this post together in a jiffy but you can find many of these items on my pinterest page.  Actually if you click on this picture on my pinterest page you can get to most sources if need be through olioboard.  And...of course you can go shop Chris and Julia's collection.

Check ya later...
Oh and P.S they finally poured our driveway!!!!  I'll post pics soon.



Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Moodboards...scratching the itch without spending a cent. We need to market this!