Friday, April 5, 2013

What's the word?

Well we've been told we will have water and electricity today!  Now we have been told this before so... you know we don't hold our breath over hear because we would be plenty dead by now;)

But...I think it is really going to happen!  Can I tell you how excited I am to be able to flip a switch and see light?!  VERY! 

The water meter was finally put in a few days ago and now the plumber just has to connect to it and then he can put in our faucets!!

Again today the dozer is suppose to be there to move dirt around for the driveway(one broke down, then it rained, then there was miscommunication:(.  Tomorrow the rebar goes down for the driveway and then the concrete is scheduled to be poured on monday!  So next week it should all get real!! There is a ton of clean up to do before we can move in so we are hoping that can happen early next week and then we will MOVE IN!  I can't believe the end is almost near.  I suppose at some point deep down I never thought it would happen but it will and we are so ready to get back to some sense of our "normal"! Yahoo!