Friday, June 29, 2012

10 years ago.....

I haven't shared many aspects of family or just personal life in general on this here blog but today is a biggie and I'm feeling inclined to share.

10  years ago I married this guy!

We have known each other since I was 18!  We married when I was 26.  You might think there is a story there.  There is but I'm shy;)  Tee Hee

 I think he knew I was addicted to all things home and just plain ol' DIY in general but I bet he never would have guessed we would spend the first few years of married life slaving away trying to make a stinky cheap house a home.  

Actually I would even consider our wedding a big diy project.  It was a quaint little wedding in his parents backyard.  I bought my dress and made the invitations, he rented his tux, his cousin made our cake, and our parents helped us decorate the backyard and rented the chairs.  You could definitely say it was budget friendly.  Actually even at that it wasn't friendly to our budget but we were tired of waiting until we had enough money to get married and it couldn't of turned out more special!
I think that is one of the things that make us love all things do it yourself.  You get to use your imagination and get something truly special out of it!

We have been through many different big transitions together and I have to say I couldn't have picked a better man to "hammer" away at life with! (cheesy I know;)


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Time keeps on tickin, tickin

Well hello there....(insert crickets)
I'm dying here. I had decided to embrace the fact that we were going to be in a rental for a while and I wasn't going to be working on "a project" for some time but this is ridonculous! Sadly I can't stand it now. My creative juices need to get to flow before long or I'm gonna burst. Yes for a while we were designing our floor plan. Then we played with the exterior elevations but I'm ready to see concrete(lots of it..hint,hint) textures, paint, and lighting! Bring it on please! We had a closing date for the construction loan last week but yet they found another something has to be reviewed and thus we go to the bottom of the underwriters pile. Tip 145 to building a home: Have Cash and avoid the treacherous waters of the financing industry! If only right?!
So in order to relieve myself(or torture maybe) I took advantage of some time without the kiddos (yay for grandparents coming to visit) to stroll through one of my favorite places! Oh it's yummy in so many ways. I fell in love with Four hands 10 years ago on a warm summer day with a 50% off coupon in my paint covered little hand (they don't do that anymore but do have great warehouse sales). Let me show you why I have a thing for this place. Bad phone pics ahead cause I am way to shy to bring out the big dog while window shopping;)

loved this lacker look sofa table
modern twist on a saw horse for sure

These chandeliers are huge and gorg and of course pricey..
There was a time(before kids) when I wanted the hubs to help me dream up a wood light fixture.  I guess I missed the boat because it has definitely been done now and they are lovely.  I don't think we could have pulled these babies off!

Oh BABY!  I love dining tables..
So much so that over a year ago I bought one here at a warehouse sale and it still patiently awaits us in the garage.  We actually designed our dining nook around it so I suppose I shouldn't change my mind sale it and buy this one if I want to have a healthy marriage right?  But look at those industrial legs...I just drooled a little.

Um yes!  Nothing better than this buffet.  Clean lines, rustic wood..ahhhh

Oh more metal love.  Stools and tables oh my!

Look at the perfect little pop of color in this bad boy.

I may or may not ;) have a plan for this buffet in the casa..We shall see what happens but I get all sweaty just thinking about it!

This chair was awesomely awkward and weird which I am always drawn to.
A little space age collegiate action for the office.  It's for somebody for sure!

You can also find wonderful more traditional pieces too.  This is beautiful in person!

A little more traditionally funky can be found in this chair!  If your tired of me making up design words this may not be the place for you.  I can't help it.

Velvety cozy cool

Kid proof and it looks good.  That is what many of us are searching for when buying new furniture right?  Can't go wrong with this neutral chair in leather (unless your anti leather) then you can go very wrong with this;)

A little bling is always good! Loved these moroccan inspired metal tables.

I can see this holding fluffy towels and bathroom goodies in our master bath.

This grey diddy will also be making himself known soon in a living room near your computer.  Keep your eyes peeled for him.  

Oh mercy! Love the bling, the rustic, and cozy all mixed together.  If I had to define my house "style" I would just hold this picture up and wouldn't have to say a word.  This is it...or what I want it to be anyway.

The only thing missing on this chair are the three jumping kids with blueberry stained fingers.  I will leave this beauty for all you clean and civilized folk out there.

This would have been an awesome fathers day gift for the hubs upcoming home office if we were the kind of people that spent $400 without consulting one another or sleeping on it.  But we aren't so I didn't!  Your welcome honey.  Hope it was good anyway.

I wanted to buy you this one too babe but until we change the rules I can't surprise you with awesomeness like this!

So there was my 30 minutes of bliss last week.  I'm glad you could come along.  It's funny that now that we have a family and are always busy and tired that I find things like perusing target or a place like this with a cup of Jo in my hand pure pleasure but I do! Even though I didn't buy a thing. (YET!)

Friday, June 1, 2012

These sweet cheeks want to be squished! Please help!

We interrupt this shelter/craft blog for a very very special little girl! Do you see this face?

This is Juliette
and she wants to come home to her family that is patiently awaiting her!

Our dear friends were blessed with their happy little Bailey Boo(that's what her daddy calls her) over a year ago and have since fallen in love with (and quite honestly feel called to) the idea of adopting another baby girl with an extra chromosome! I couldn't think of a better family to do this.

This is the always grinning Bailey and her big brother Taylor!  I can't imagine the grins Miss Bailey will provide when she gets to have a sister to play with, learn with, cry with and love on!

It's hard to imagine so many precious babies are given up for adoption at birth because they have Down's Syndrome?  It's heart wrenching and there is a way we can do our part to help place these children in happy healthy homes and get them out of orphanages.  Miss Juliette happens to be in Eastern Europe.  Adoption is expensive and as you can imagine traveling to Europe several times through the process to bring her home will be very expensive.  Danny and Christy are reaching out and trying to get the funds needed to bring their girl home!  I hope you will take a minute to stop by Juliette's blog to watch her journey home and maybe even help get her here!  Danny and Christy have offered up an iPad Giveaway to get the ball rolling on raising some funds and the giveaway ends in 6 days so hurry and head over.  Seriously people an IPad Giveaway!  As if Miss Juliette's face wasn't enough of a reason to help!