Friday, June 1, 2012

These sweet cheeks want to be squished! Please help!

We interrupt this shelter/craft blog for a very very special little girl! Do you see this face?

This is Juliette
and she wants to come home to her family that is patiently awaiting her!

Our dear friends were blessed with their happy little Bailey Boo(that's what her daddy calls her) over a year ago and have since fallen in love with (and quite honestly feel called to) the idea of adopting another baby girl with an extra chromosome! I couldn't think of a better family to do this.

This is the always grinning Bailey and her big brother Taylor!  I can't imagine the grins Miss Bailey will provide when she gets to have a sister to play with, learn with, cry with and love on!

It's hard to imagine so many precious babies are given up for adoption at birth because they have Down's Syndrome?  It's heart wrenching and there is a way we can do our part to help place these children in happy healthy homes and get them out of orphanages.  Miss Juliette happens to be in Eastern Europe.  Adoption is expensive and as you can imagine traveling to Europe several times through the process to bring her home will be very expensive.  Danny and Christy are reaching out and trying to get the funds needed to bring their girl home!  I hope you will take a minute to stop by Juliette's blog to watch her journey home and maybe even help get her here!  Danny and Christy have offered up an iPad Giveaway to get the ball rolling on raising some funds and the giveaway ends in 6 days so hurry and head over.  Seriously people an IPad Giveaway!  As if Miss Juliette's face wasn't enough of a reason to help!