Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Well Hello Christmas!

I'm in denial folks.  Not only about the fact that I haven't posted since July..What?  But the fact that Christmas is next week is freaking me out a bit.  
We have yet to bake cookies and go look at Christmas lights in any shape or form.  The Christmas cards are addressed but not sent out and not a single gift is wrapped.   But…they ARE purchased.  Whew!
The one thing that was accomplished was the Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving.  It's kind of the thing we always do on the saturday after Thanksgiving and it may just be one of my favorite days of the year.  A day of Christmas music, hot chocolate, big messes and a frustrated husband outside staring aimlessly at the pile of lights that he doesn't know where to plug in or where to hang them;)  
Yeah it's not all cookies and host chocolate is it.  The funny thing is that even though this season is a lot of work it really is the most wonderful time of the year!

I know I still haven't done a tour of the house after we finished building.  I guess I will be sharing it in little snippets over time.
It has been fun to figure out new ways to decorate this year with a new space.  This is our living room and really the only room we decorated for the holidays.

As you can see we haven't ventured into the land of window treatments or exciting treatments on the wall above the mantle yet.
We are still recovering from post traumatic building and financial stress.  Actually that stress is one of the reasons I haven't been inclined to post much since we moved in.  You could say I have had to sit back and undergo a little mental and physical transformation myself. 

I'll be honest I feel like the mantel is fairly blah but it was super duper blah before I spotted these sparkly gold huge ornaments on sale at hobby lobby. It added a perfect touch to fill up that huge blank space.  I almost bought a can of chalkboard paint the other day to through up above the mantle just to add some interest but I chickened out and ran out of time.

We had to get a new tree this year since we donated ours last year during the move.  Instead of a 7 footer we have a nine footer because of the taller ceilings in the living room.  That meant it felt like we didn't have many ornaments. We don't every do a theme with our tree(yet anyway).  Many of our ornaments are special ornaments from our little road trips and things that the kids have made or picked out each year.  I even have some from my childhood tree on it so we have quite the mish mash and we kind of like it that way.  But…it still seemed a bit naked.  So while perusing hobby lobby for birthday decorations for our youngest daughter I found this gold netting.  It was really wide and way too short so cute it into several thiner pieces.

I also purchased some fancy plastic yet super colorful bulk ornaments at target to add a little more color to the tree.  Instead of just spreading them out all over the tree I decided to tie them together in threes and actually attached the sets of three ornaments to the gold netting and hung it all at once.  I think that it added the consistency and repetitiveness that our new tall tree needed.

This room has really been bare since we moved in so it's nice to see a change in here!  I'm going to save my Christmas money for some curtains though.  Those windows are dying for some clothes. 

So there you have it.  A mini living room peek and a Christmas decor post.  Here's to a week off from school and work next week and lots of relaxing with the family.  I hope you are getting to do the same.
Merry Christmas!

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