Friday, May 31, 2013

My little Rustic Modern Mash Up

Well hello out there!  We have an internet connection!  I can now take real pictures, download them to computer and show you a little about what is going on in "house world" with us.
To be honest we are taking it really slowly.  The house is still not complete and we have had subs here every now and then trying to knock out the list.  We also got a not so great call from the bank saying we have 12 days to roll the loan into a conventional loan or we have to refinance.  Of course that's only several thousand dollars you know.  Anyway, they are calling the builder today to say finish it or we are hiring someone to finish it and you loose more $$.  If only they would have been involved in the struggle sooner...

Anywho onto more fun things.  We have been selling things here and there on craigslist for the last year so we could buy these chairs and we finally bit the bullet!
Meet the Ronnie Wire Base Chair from Overstock

So far I love him!  They haven't had much use so I can't vouch for their longevity but they are fun to look at.  

Do you remember the table I scored at my favorite warehouse store Four Hands a few years ago?
Isn't it gorgeous....Oh wait you can't see it under all the move in chaos?  

I have pictured it with sleek modern chairs from the day I saw it.  

Ah so much better in so many ways...the clutter has been eating my lunch.

Now don't go thinking we broke the bank with these puppies.   I believe they came out to around $60 or less a piece!  They were selling them in sets of two.  That is not easy to find ya'll!  I just went to Overstock's site and now I can only find them at 1 for $139.00 and they aren't called Ronnie chairs either?  I think I totally lucked out!  

If you've been reading for a while you may remember we kinda sorta design our house based on this area and the tables deminsions.  That sounds crazy right?  I just envisioned standing at the kitchen sink seeing this and all other floorplan bets were off!

 When you first step out of our little entry way you are greeted with the main hub of the house which is my fav!

I went photo crazy this morning so here are some other views.  

I can't wait to fill this table with friends and food!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shiny and New

Before we get started:  We still have no wifi so I can't download better quality pics nor can I format a half decent blog post since I'm just doing it on my phone. But....the Internet company is here as we speak. Fingers crossed! 

It's been a long time coming but we finally have our frameless shower doors! Contractor J can now use his shower instead of the kids!

 Of course there were the normal issues of "oh you wanted frameless?" and they'll be there to measure tomorrow, oh they'll come measure next week, and um ma'am it looks like they measured wrong we have to order a new piece and a week later "ma'am I know we were set up to deliver tomorrow but our supplier is saying they didn't receive our order", and a week later "I'm so sorry ma'am we have never had this issue with our supplier but again they are saying they didn't receive it".  Holy smokes I kid you not!  Now we are fine, absolutely fine because we are lucky enough to have other places to bathe but isn't it all just crazy and almost comical? Or is it scary?  The other night contractor J said "I don't believe in this kinda thing but if I did I would think this house of our is cursed".  I have said the very same thing;(. soon as their all finally out of our hair I plan to kick the curse out!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Procrastinate or Decorate?

Hi guys.  I know, I know,  it's like we were still finishing up construction, we moved in while finishing up the construction, and then we fell off the face of the earth.   It kind of feels like that;). We still have no Internet so whipping up a post or a home tour on my phone with phone pics just hasn't happened.  Although I do want to give you the grand tour it is far from being finished.  I'm not talking about decorating here either.  I have honestly lost a little of my desire to decorate through all of this.  Actually contractor J keeps asking me when I'm going to which is funny to me.  I guess he is really ready to make it feel like home.  There is such a huge list of pending stuff to finish and fix that I am not feeling the urge to hang anything on the walls.  But....that being said we did hang our huge wood wall art that we made a few years back last night.  I had put it on the counter a few weeks ago just to feel it out and I guess hubs decided he was ready to hang them. So I present to you our first wall hanging excursion!

We actually have other plans for this wall. Something more interesting and functional but we may not get to that for um ever.  So for now this is it.  I've wanted to introduce some warmer wood tones in the kitchen so I think it's the perfect fit.  The white and urbane bronze cabinets along with the concrete floors and lagoon silestone countertops can be a little cold.  
 I've also been on the hunt for some wood barstools with my Craigslist money.  I am on a mission to buy as much used stuff as we can so it may be a while before we find what we need but the hunt is part of the fun right?  

Hopefully the next time I stop by to say hi here we will have far fewer pieces of blue tape all over the house and a much shorter to do list!