Friday, May 17, 2013

Shiny and New

Before we get started:  We still have no wifi so I can't download better quality pics nor can I format a half decent blog post since I'm just doing it on my phone. But....the Internet company is here as we speak. Fingers crossed! 

It's been a long time coming but we finally have our frameless shower doors! Contractor J can now use his shower instead of the kids!

 Of course there were the normal issues of "oh you wanted frameless?" and they'll be there to measure tomorrow, oh they'll come measure next week, and um ma'am it looks like they measured wrong we have to order a new piece and a week later "ma'am I know we were set up to deliver tomorrow but our supplier is saying they didn't receive our order", and a week later "I'm so sorry ma'am we have never had this issue with our supplier but again they are saying they didn't receive it".  Holy smokes I kid you not!  Now we are fine, absolutely fine because we are lucky enough to have other places to bathe but isn't it all just crazy and almost comical? Or is it scary?  The other night contractor J said "I don't believe in this kinda thing but if I did I would think this house of our is cursed".  I have said the very same thing;(. soon as their all finally out of our hair I plan to kick the curse out!