Monday, May 13, 2013

Procrastinate or Decorate?

Hi guys.  I know, I know,  it's like we were still finishing up construction, we moved in while finishing up the construction, and then we fell off the face of the earth.   It kind of feels like that;). We still have no Internet so whipping up a post or a home tour on my phone with phone pics just hasn't happened.  Although I do want to give you the grand tour it is far from being finished.  I'm not talking about decorating here either.  I have honestly lost a little of my desire to decorate through all of this.  Actually contractor J keeps asking me when I'm going to which is funny to me.  I guess he is really ready to make it feel like home.  There is such a huge list of pending stuff to finish and fix that I am not feeling the urge to hang anything on the walls.  But....that being said we did hang our huge wood wall art that we made a few years back last night.  I had put it on the counter a few weeks ago just to feel it out and I guess hubs decided he was ready to hang them. So I present to you our first wall hanging excursion!

We actually have other plans for this wall. Something more interesting and functional but we may not get to that for um ever.  So for now this is it.  I've wanted to introduce some warmer wood tones in the kitchen so I think it's the perfect fit.  The white and urbane bronze cabinets along with the concrete floors and lagoon silestone countertops can be a little cold.  
 I've also been on the hunt for some wood barstools with my Craigslist money.  I am on a mission to buy as much used stuff as we can so it may be a while before we find what we need but the hunt is part of the fun right?  

Hopefully the next time I stop by to say hi here we will have far fewer pieces of blue tape all over the house and a much shorter to do list!


Julie T said... Best Blogger Tips

From your pictures so far, everything looks beautiful! So excited for you guys and your great new home.