Monday, April 22, 2013

Patience and ingenuity...praying for those!

We did it.  We moved into the new casa!  It's not finished and in fact there have been a few big issues like an a.c went out and the septic tank runeth over.  We also have no working cooktop and our awesome Craigslist find of an oven has no electricity because the builder and electrician decided to forgo paying attention to the electric plans;/. No one likes to read plans around here.  But....we are in and attempting to get settled. Oh and our sons room was flooded by a leaky toilet and we've been waiting for the carpet and trim to be replaced for at least two weeks now. Maybe more and forgive me if I already mentioned the "flood".  There has been a lot going on!  

So onto the ingenuity and picture portion of this post.

This is  a table I found at my favorite warehouse sale two years ago.  We practically built the kitchen/dining area around it.  We set it up on moving day and there's a little problem.  It's warped like crazy.  I don't know if it was like that when it was delivered(we never put it together) or if sitting in the garaged during the 112 degree summers did  it but it won't screw down into the legs.  We candle anew top for it but  $ is tight right now so we are trying the wet towel and heavy weight  approach.  Ain't it fancy?  Wish us luck.  In the meantime we are eating in the family room because we don't have barstools or dining chairs either.  It's  "fancy campin" I tell ya!
Oh and if this post is wonky it's because I'm doing it all on my iPhone via an app because we don't have any Internet service yet;). See. Just like camping. 


SewItAll said... Best Blogger Tips

Well, I am sure it is awesome but still stressful. Personally I would not have moved in until everything was completed per contract, but you must have had to get in asap. The peril is that personal items could get damaged amidst the mishaps and repairs. And the building inspector passed the house as habitable with all these issues? The builder should be ashamed he has such a shoddy business.

Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Girl, you should know better than to pray for patience by now! ha!