Monday, February 28, 2011

Where to begin?

It could have all started when I would save up my lunch money so I could buy a new bedspread from walmart in high school.  Or maybe it was when my parents bought a new house and while they were moving in I was ripping the sculptured gold carpet out of my bedroom (much to my moms and grandmothers dismay) so I could paint a tile pattern on the concrete. When on the weekends while we were in an apartment I would spend endless hours watching HGTV and dreaming of having a place to paint!  Or was it when I lovingly convinced my husband that the stinky house that needed a ton of work(and was CHEAP I might add) would be the perfect starter home for us.  Or was it when after 4 years of revamping the stinky starter house we would desire a brand new home that "we don't have to do anything to" only to come to the conclusion that no matter what the state of the home we or mostly I want to change almost everything about it.  So here we are in a 4 year old home that we have modified a little and definitely made more homey and yet for almost two years have been dreaming of the day we can get out from under it(you know the whole real estate isn't worth much these days thingy) and build a more efficient, better laid out, close to good schools home on the 2 1/2 acres we bought.  I prefer to think of this not as an illness, addiction or a bad personality trait but as a hobby, a way to be creative(there isn't much creativity involved in dental hygiene..or if there is I haven't found it yet) so since we are a bit stuck in our current situation I think I will just blog about it.("IT" being little projects, big projects, and who knows what?)  I don't have a plan...I wish I did..nor should I really spend  much time doing this but something just makes me want to!