Monday, March 14, 2011

With legs like these....

who could resist?  Apparently not me..Much to the hubby's dismay(only because we don't have room for it right now) I just couldn't resist this baby when she popped up in my inbox as part of a clearance sale.  This is one of the legs to a 10 foot table! Wohoo!  Can you say dinner party?!  I always want to have people over for dinner but we rarely get around to actually doing it so maybe out of pressure to use this puppy we will make more of an effort!

It looks blue next to the sofa but it is a nice gray tone..Isn't she pretty?
The plan was to build a super long table out of really rustic boards and find some old pedestals to mount it to but when I saw this baby and saw the price(tables in general are pricey as far as I'm concerned but especially this size) I knew it would be hard to beat. Plus there is the whole we would have to find time to search for old rustic pieces of wood and boards and then the time to build it thing.  So I just went for it.  Can you picture some modern or mid century modern chairs around it..maybe clear, white, silver, or even some bright colors?  
I think I can!