Monday, March 25, 2013

Guess what happened?

A little update and then some progress:

We were stood up two more times by the countertop contractor.  I think that's five times now? He doesn't answer our calls or the builders so the builder has had to go to his shop and wait for him.  He went and waited for him yesterday to find out that the guy was still cutting them:/  This is after he supposedly took the measurements 3 weeks ago and would have them ready in "5 days".  It's crazy!!  Anyway, the builder told him he was picking him up at one today and he taking him to the site with whatever he has ready because we keep having to reschedule the tile guy and the plumber.  Since the guy was already paid it's not that easy to fire him and start over but we will definitely be sharing our experience with the BBB and yelp and wherever else is necessary. Grrr...

And now to more positive things:

Remember I showed you a little snippet of the fireplace on facebook?  Well here is a closeup!
The gray penny tile is looking swell on the fireplace and we are trimming it out with slate trim around the edges.  There is still some grout to clean up because...

well the tile guy ran our of tile.  They bought all they had at the store.  Unfortunately we had mentioned weeks ago that the stores were having a hard time keeping this in stock but there was some in the town that the builder lives in but they were too late.
Thankfully they found more and the fireplace will be finished when he does the backsplash(which will get done if the countertop guy EVER shows up).

Did you notice the hole in the tile?  I'm not too happy about it.  This is where the gas key will go.  Great place right?  I've never seen someone stick one right in the middle of the fireplace?  Unfortunately we can't do anything about it at this point.  I was under the understanding they would move it down but it didn't happen:/

And then there was this hole!  This one is suppose to be there and I'm happy to finally see. It is the trench for the electric lines.  Remember when I mentioned that the builder had hired one guy with a pick axe to dig this?!  Well two or three weeks later he finally hired a real trencher tractor guy to get her done.  

Wanna see what else happened last week?
We got our "poop pump"! 

 Fancy huh?  Who would've ever thought I'd be excited about having a place for our family to store our poop.  Unfortunately someone didn't think to get any electricity to it to make it work so that had to be added as well.  So as soon as we get some running water to the casa and some toilets we can give this guy a whirl.   

(for those of you who by chance don't know what the heck I'm talking about and are really wondering what's wrong with our family)  Our "poop pump"is a septic system. The area that we are building in doesn't tie into any waste water lines so a septic tank is used to somehow break it all down and it actually has sprayers that will release the treated water down at the bottom of our property. 
 So this area that we are calling the "football field" will be nice and green even though I'm not so sure how I feel about rolling all around in it;)


Brandye said... Best Blogger Tips

LOL! Love the last sentence! Gave me the giggles.

Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Yep, pretty sure you've made up my mind to buy instead of build. You're a much more patient person than me, with a much better attitude too, I might add.