Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Deets on the Kitchen

 I've shared a few of the kitchen details before but now that it's starting to be installed I thought I would share a little wrap up of sorts.

If you've been following along with the progress on the casa you have probably seen our cabinet drawings.  This is the overall plan for the cabinets!

Below is the view of the cabinets and island from above.

I've been dreaming of a white and gray kitchen for sometime now.  Honestly I'm surprised that after 3 years of dreaming of it I haven't grown tired of it but I haven't at all!  I think that's a good sign?  You can read all about the struggles I was having committing to the colors in the old house because I was afraid it would turn potential buyers off.   You know how on HGTV's house hunters people are turned off by simple things like paint color?  We had to play it safe so we just stuck with our urbane bronze island and didn't do anything else.  Turns out I'm seeing this color combo everywhere these days and every time I see it I'm still in love!

So here is the lowdown.  I'm sticking with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze on the lower cabinets and went with High Reflectance White from SW on the uppers.  I lucked upon the white glass and stone mosaic tiles at Costco one day and bought enough for the wall behind the stove and all the way up behind the range hood.  The walls throughout the house were supposed to be a pure white.  White is so hard.  We ended up going with SW Extra white but once it was on it looked pretty gray:(  I mean it is a very light gray and we obviously like gray but it's not exactly what I was going for.  Oh well!  It's all over the house and we don't have the time or the funds to correct it.    The truth is I like the color it's just not exactly what I envisioned.  As far as we know the countertops with be Silestone's Lagoon.  Crossing our fingers that those work out but if not they will be white either way.  The appliances will be stainless represented by the lid to our dog treat bowl;) I think it's all going to pop pretty nicely with our dark brown concrete floors.

As for lighting...We have a ton of can lights but will have two pendants above the island.  We scored 5 of these 6 months ago at the pottery barn outlet for $20 buckaroos and just had to buy a light kit at Home Depot for like $16 I think.  These bad boys are $99.00 online

My plan is to make the two over the island look like mercury glass and the other three will go over the dining table and we will leave them clear so we don't block our view at all.

 I've shared this double oven that I scored from a distributer that had it listed on craigslist.  It has a scratch on the side and was heavily discounted so we went for it.  I was hesitant about the black at first because I wanted all stainless but you know what it is such a pretty range that I don't care if it sticks out a little.  It's sitting on a palate her but has some pretty stainless feet to go with it!

Ok and call me crazy...I'm a little embarrassed about this one.  I was concerned that the double oven's bigger side wasn't really big enough for our large cookie sheets and turkey pans so we bought a floor model single oven and are tucking it away on the wall between our pocket doors.  I better get busy doing some major cooking and baking right?

Here is the stainless sink that was also a scratch and dent that I found on ebay.  We LOVE scratches!

 And here are the dark brown stained concrete floors that will go under all of that pretty stuff!  You can see more about those here.  

I was so anxious to see the cabinets going in. They were suppose to be done 3 or 4 weeks ago.  I've lost track of time.  I don't know I've just run out of any faith that anything will be done correctly.  It has been a roller coaster for sure.  Listening skills and integrity seem to be out the window.  Thankfully they started installing them on a day I was at work and the hubs would just send me an occasional text with a picture and assure me things were going to be ok.  We are so tired of having to say "um that's not how it was suppose to be".   There were some issues(mostly with bath cabinets) but they will be fixed.

So here is where we stood as of yesterday afternoon!

The floors are super dirty but can you picture it all?  Woohoo!


Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Girl, it's going to be gorgeous! Will you do my shopping if we end up going the custom route? know how to score a deal!