Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peek in on the Master Bath Progress

In my last post about the stained concrete floors I mentioned how there are all of these things to post about but I can't find time so I am resolving to at least throw up some pictures of what's happening at our place.  Again if your on the facebook page  this is somewhat old news(but better pics!).

So.....Here she is in progress!

Le Master Bath;)

Our new stained concrete floors are REALLY dirty now.

Um...I didn't notice those to yellowish tiles before I saw this picture.  I am sure I will look at those on a daily basis and wish they weren't right next to each other.  It's a disease and I have it people:(

I'm standing in the master closet to get this wider angle.  I CAN NOT wait to get our plumbing fixtures in!

You wanna see them?

I'm not usually a sparkly kind a gal but I was drawn to a lot of chrome so I went for it.  

We did a pebble stone shower floor instead of a chevron Carrera mosaic that I had picked out because...well because they had it at at Home Depot and I didn't have time to go to the other side of town for the chevron.  I seem to only make decisions under pressure!

And that my friends is where we stand in the bathroom.  We have been told we will get the cabinets in the house on Friday, Saturday, or Tuesday?  Yep..those are the kind of answers you get when your building.  I'm so nervous to see them:/