Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prepping the foundation and the anticipated Pour!

Well where were we?  If you've been following on the facebook page you know there has been a lot of movement lately at the site.  It's exciting to see progress after what seemed to be a really long period of nada happening.

To see the previous construction post check out this little ditty about how Little did we know the train would be derailed.

So now that we are back on track...(somebody stop me;)
The next step was covering all that gravel with thick black plastic.  I suppose this is so the gravel doesn't absorb all the moisture from the concrete when it's poured but I honestly don't know.  You see I had intentions of learning why they do each and every thing they do but I am failing and honestly we are enjoying just watching it all happen.

After the Black plastic went down the rebar went in.  It's in a grid pattern on the surface and then there are vertical bars in between the different  sections of the covered gravel with more horizontal rebar below.

There were parts bricks placed under sections of the rebar to allow the concrete surround the rebar.

I don't know what this little contraption below was for?  A box filled with gravel around the sewage pipe to a bathtub?  I'll have to remember to ask.

 I'm going to back up here and mention that there were so other electric and plumbing aspects that had to go in before the rebar.
This round plastic thing below houses what will be an electric outlet in the floor of our living room that will probably be used for lamps on side tables or a sofa table lamp.

I believe these were electric and water lines that will run to the fridge and the other ends of them run right up the middle of our island along with a sewage pipe for the sink and dishwasher.

This electric line will sit in the office wall.  Looks like they determine a certain place to start all electrical work from and run that part through the slab while all other wiring will branch off of this thought the walls.

After the rebar was done the foundation engineer was scheduled to come take a look and sign off on it. There were a couple of L shaped pieces of rebar missing on a couple of corners so the builder was informed, the engineer sent them the info. and the rebar guys were back in the next couple of days to remedy the issue.  We were then able to take pictures of the areas and send those to the engineer for approval.  Good thing because the next morning at 4 am the concrete truck was on it's way!

The hubs was shocked to see this on the horizon when he pulled into the neighborhood that morning!
 I seem to always be at work on the day that something exciting goes down so he shoots me this pic and  it honestly took me a minute.  I thought it was a crane at first!  

I'm sure the neighbors were lovin us!  They did start at 4 am and had lights in the trees and all!  When construction is booming you don't really get to be picky about what time of day this stuff happens.

By 8 am this is how it looked.  Hub was a little concerned about the texture since we are doing stained concrete floors but after a call to the builder he assured us there was another step that would smooth it all out.

24 hours later we get to stand on our house!

The kids get to climb up and down the massive concrete walls.

Here is the electric box in the living room floor.

The concrete is very smooth everywhere except around that outlet above and we did notice you can see a shadow of the rebar through the concrete.  Not sure how that is going to affect the look of the floors?  This is our bedroom floor which will be carpeted... 

but this is the master bath which won't.  I don't mind character at all but just hope it doesn't look like there use to be tile on the floor before it was stained.

So that is were we stood as of early this week!  Speaking of standing...The kids unknowingly got the better views in the house.  This is what they will see looking out their bedroom window. Once we clean up the cedar trees It will look pretty nice I think.  Truth is I grew up where there were no trees so this is good as gold for me! Lucky ducks!

Next up..
Wood..Lot's of wood!