Friday, August 31, 2012

Frame it up!

Gah!   I'm so behind!  You wouldn't believe where we are in the building process right now but I must catch up and go in order or it will bug me to no end!  

Would you believe the hubs sent me this pic when I was at work 2 weeks ago and said.  "We have walls!"
So exciting!  I was dying to get out there that afternoon so we could walk around and get a feel for it.  

This was only 3 days after the pouring of the foundation so in a matter of 5 days we went from this

To this....

To shabaam!

Let's take a little tour of the progress.
Her is our little man getting to step into his room for the first time.   I guess he couldn't believe his eyes!

This is the beginnings of our front porch.  Actually that slab sticking out it the porch and there is a nook right in the middle that will house the front door.

This is looking through the front door through the entry and living to the back door.  Lining these two doors up was one of the things we wanted to happen.  Why? You might ask?  We are suckers for symmetry.  Plain and simple.

This pic shows the hubs workspace in the garage.  We couldn't afford a full third car space in the garage(which would have been used for his tools and working on projects) but instead we were able to work in this area.  We are super excited about the potential accomplishing lots of projects here!

Here hub is showing "boogers" where she can hand her backpack in what we call the "mudroomish" area inside the garage door.

He is now showing her where she and bitty baby will be sleeping.

This is the playroom (a.k.a Family Room per the husband)
Those two large openings are where there will be pocket doors.  One that goes into the kitchen and the other will house the pocket door for the pantry which of course will be entered into from the kitchen but this just shows you the bones of that area.

This pic shows the kitchen and living room.  The wires and waste line sticking up here go right into the center of the island.

Hubs in the pantry..
One of the things I'm excited about it right behind him.. The framing for the window in the pantry.  Why would a little window be so fun for me?  

From this vantage point I would be looking at the island and the kitchen cabinetry.  Behind that cabinetry is the laundry room.

This is the framing for the fireplace and the entry to our master bedroom area is to the right of it.

I was standing in front of the fireplace here and looking back into the kitchen.  
The black box on the floor is an out let in the living room floor.  Another last minute (adding to the budget) decision.

This is the view the kids will have from their bathroom.  Lucky ducks!  If we had known this we would have flipped the house around.  This is something to consider when building.  It is hard to know where your views will be if your lot is sloping or has so many trees that you can't see.

This is a view of the master closet from outside.  We couldn't fit a his and hers closet into the plan so we have a wall that separates the closet into a his and hers area within one closet.

Our little guy walking along the 3 windows in the dining nook.

He loves me...He really does.

Chillin on the back porch!

Looking out the front door.
It's going to be so fun to see this become an entry way to our home!

Fun fun playground for memory making..

So there you have it.  
It's framed!  Oh it's more than framed but let me catch up and I will share soon.  
Our little man started kinder this week and we have been busy busy with decisions on fixtures, gas lines, windows and our other real jobs so I'm buried but can't wait to share more!