Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We're on a fast movin train and I like it!

Well hello there.   A lot has happened around here in a week or so!
Let me show you around the construction site!

Our lot is really hard to get a picture of.  This is my sad attempt.
I think our driveway runs right through that open area but who the heck would know.  It all starts looking the same.

Actually here is a better pic from the street.  The drive is going to the right of that lovely cedar there.

I was at work the day all the fun started and the hubs texted me this pic..Gah!
It's really pretty alarming to see this part.

I would have to say we have already driven out to the site 224 times since that occurred;)  I kid!  But man it's hard to stay away.  When you have waited this long for something to come to fruition you don't want to miss a thing.

So that day after work I made my poor hubs and the crew go to the site again so I could see it with my own eyes.
This pic doesn't even do this pile of trees justice.  Did I mention it's our job to get rid of that mess?  Apparently it's pretty expensive to pay someone to haul a pile like this away and we are always looking for a way to save some money but I think we got in over our heads on this one.  

Look at those faces!  It looks like they just opened the oven and got scorched (I don't have any experience with that)
It was hotter than hades here that day!

Below is a peek at the one we lovingly call Boogers coming back up the drive after it was cleared.

Let the exploring begin!  This lot was so thick with brush and trees that we haven't been able to get a good feel for it until now and the kids are loving it already.

We can't wait to see how much fun they will have out here!

This is a view looking back down the driveway towards the street.

 Are you curious about the next step?
Well here ya have it!

Yup that's the way it all began.   A little prehistoric foundation marker.

Can you spot the other corner marked here?  Tee Hee...these make me laugh.

There are perfect little spots to make trails to for the kids to play and ride bikes and probably hide from me!

We haven't been able to see if we have a view or not in the past due to the thick brush but if you stand in just the right spot in front of where the house will sit then you can see there is one!

Unfortunately I doubt we will see this once we move in.  We are sticking to our one story ranch (ish) plans.  Maybe we will have to build a lookout tower/deck someday..  Oh...that sounds fun! 

 This pic was taken from the street so you can see how far back the house sits.  In a we got lots o extra $ to burn situation we would have loved to set the house further back on the lot.  The further back from the street you go the further the builder has to run concrete, water lines, and electricity.  That = more $$.
 We managed to get it 150 feet back.  I think it provides just enough of that private feeling we are going for.  Can you spot our little monkey wearing pink?  I think she is standing near the front door.

Can you picture the casa siting right back there in that cleared spot beyond those trees? 

Now can you?

So exciting!  I still can't picture it.  Everything always looks and feels different from what I imagined.  That is a scary thought when you plan a whole house from scratch!

This picture has both the back and front of the house in black and white.
 It will be a little different than this as we had to shrink the front and back porches a little to help us get closer to our budget but you still get the feel for it.

Anywho, the day after the lot was cleared the framing for the foundation started going up!

Now it's getting real.  That's my dirty ol hubs trying to show me where the kids room is.  It's hard to make since of it all even at this stage.

Oh and he will love this!  Here is is pretending to sit at his desk in his office.  Hey dude...you did it!  I just made the command and took the picture;)

Your looking at the back door now.  Isn't it lovely?

This next picture was a shocker to me.  We knew our lot sloped a little and we knew it added to the foundation costs but dude!  That is one of the back corners of the house.  The concrete will go up to that plum line(do you see it?).  I didn't picture having that much foundation on the back but it is what it is and we can disguise it in some way I just know it;)

As I frolicked(it's been a long time since I've frolicked) around and imagined the outcome,  my poor dad slaved away at that massive pile of cedar trees.  (That's why the hubs was so dirty)  They spent several hours pulling and sawing and barely made a dent.

You know what is cute?  Both the hubs and my dad said they enjoyed it!  It made them feel all manly and stuff.  My guy loves to work with his hands and get dirty and although we have enjoyed being renters and not having projects I think he misses it just a little.  Yay for me!

 So do you wanna see what happens after they frame for the foundation?

The sewer lines are run.  

And they put them where they need to go by using rebar.  Who knew?

So here we are.  Foundation formed, sewer lines run, and we wait....
We have to get that pile of trees chipped up before the next step.  Here's hoping we get it done this week!



Pryncss Briana said... Best Blogger Tips

That is super exciting! It looks wonderful. Hey, maybe you can paint a beautiful mural on that nice huge foundation wall in the back, or use it as one side of an outdoor play area ... rock climbing wall?

Who knows? But, it's YOURS, you can do what you want soon! :)

Have fun, and enjoy every minute. This is where your younguns are gonna grow up.