Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little construction update

There is a lot happening these days.  Funny thing is it still feels like it's at a snails pace.  We are supposed to move out of our rent house at the end of this month...So uh by next weekend.  Talk about adding a little stress to the holidays!  The plan has been to move into pods and then live with the inlaws but we began second guessing that decision as we were trying to pack and can't figure out how on earth it's all going to fit and what to pack and what to pack....yadda yadda.  So that is where our mental state is at the moment.  Crazy!  

In the meantime the stucco guys have finally gotten to work.  They started and then their mixer broke and we haven't seen them in a while.  

This is what they call the skim coat of concrete and sand.  The final coat will have the paint color incorporated and honestly I think it's going to look a lot like this skim coat when it's done but I've been wrong before.

We had to have 75 % stone per the HOA and they considered stucco stone so we went with a stone and stucco mix on the exterior.  Would have loved all stone but man rock is expensive! Our goal is to have a smooth more modern looking stucco so it doesn't move towards looking spanish.

Another big decision and issue this week was the mantle.  You see we bought this 100 year old piece of oak that we wanted to use.  The problem is it is not perfectly straight nor level.

The white on the end is just sheet rock dust.  It's a really cool old piece of wood.  It's super heavy so it had to be bolted into a header from the back of the fireplace before they could finish sheet rocking. 

The first mission was to establish how high we wanted it.  It was temporarily bolted in so we could take a look.  This is my sad attempt at showing the hubs how high it was while he was away for work.  It was also my attempt at comparing it's height with our mantle at the rent house since I didn't have a tape measure on me;)

Apparently I told the subs something different than what hubs told them so there was some slight confusion.  Silly little things like how high and which side goes on top can hold things up and that has happened quite a bit.  I think it is just part of it?  

If you follow on facebook you've already seen these sneak peeks because I just can't help myself.
As you can see they got busy on the sheetrock too!

Here is the master bathroom before the taping and floating.  I'm still trying to figure out where to put what tile and where to start and stop it in this bathroom.  I really need to figure this out like tomorrow(but I'll be at work) sooo....I'm hoping for a vision tonight.

Some of these are phone pics on a cloudy day.  I think it's going to be brighter than this in the master bath or at least I'm hoping!

Now that's more like it!  Here is "boogers" showing of her light and bright room that's been taped and floated.  Yay for progress shots!  I can't tell you how disappointed we were to come out to the job site for weeks and each and every time be disappointed that nothing was happening.

This pic below is what keeps us going.  Visions of the kids out and about  and exploring their surroundings is motivation enough to keep our heads up and know that soon enough we can move in and settle in to to make lots of memories here!

Next up: Texture on the walls, finishing stucco and dealing with some extra cabinet costs we've run into.  Fingers crossed it happens this week!