Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Background

While I keep posting pics of the front of the house as the trim was painted and the roofing is finally coming to an end, I the loco homeowner have been googling, amazoning, Ebaying, and pinning till my fingers hurt and my mind is fried. 
You can imagine there is a pretty big to do list of decisions to make at this point.  For instance the things I wanted to accomplish this week involved: 

Picking out and buying appliances aka: fridge, dishwasher, microwave, single oven

Picking tile for the master shower and tub surround

Tile choice for the guest and kids bath

Ideally a countertop choice but I think that will end up happening later as they measure for them

Attempting to pick a color for the walls(we can only chose 1 color which will also be the ceiling color due to the budget)

Choosing a trim color

Cabinet color (s)

Meeting with the architect Wilson to get a detailed drawing of the cabinetry for the cabinet maker

After getting the cabinetry details wrapped up we needed to choose a range hood

Move an electrical outlet depending on what the kitchen drawings show in regards to the appliance garage we added!

Picking out a vanity (or making one) for the powder bath

Choosing a powder bath faucet(we scored some bargain faucets for the secondary baths at Costco a while back but didn't buy one for the powder)

Choosing lights for the 
master bath, jack n jill bath, guest bath, powder bath, entry, laundry room, porches, either side of the garage, and corners of the house, (We found all the kitchen lights months ago at the Pottery Barn outlet!) but....I do need to order the pendant cords to go with them.

I think we have most of the toilet paper holders for the baths that I found on clearance but there buried in the garage so I may very well still need one but I can't remember;)

Choosing fans for the master bedroom, Great Room, Play Room, Secondary Baths

Choosing mirrors for the guest, jack n jill, master and powder baths

Decide if we are staining or painting the front door and choose a color

Pick a concrete stain for the floors and decide if they will be the same in each room (we may not stain the baths but just seal and polish those)

Choose the carpet for the bedrooms

Trim Trees and dispose of what we can't use for future projects or firewood

Decide what color stucco we are putting on the fireplace and actually decide if we really are going to stucco the fireplace;)

Figure out how we are going to hang our rustic old piece of wood for a mantle

Did I say we were going to get this done this week?  Well at least I scratched off a couple?

Let's end this picture-less post with this pic of how the front porch, roof, and trim are coming along.

Here is the metal roof and shingles look together.  I was a little nervous but we likey!

The dotted arrow is pointing to the latest additions (the Galvalume metal roof, Sherwin Williams 'porpoise' trim, and our Duration shingles in Estate Grey/Gray).  The solid arrow points to a little thing people like to avoid when building.  A bright orange violation sticker!  Woohoo!...Thankfully it's not a huge deal but I did have a little palpitation when I saw it. 

Just for kicks here is a side by side of the architectural drawings and the actual house.  We had to tweak the cedar above the front door a bit  and get the framers to reframe for an 8 foot entry door but other than that it's like the drawing is coming to life!

Oh I can't wait for things to start changing inside so I can show you around!!! 



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