Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghostly Goodness

Hey there fellow homebodies!  Are you up for a few more ideas as we count down to Halloween?

I have mentioned before that I have never really been that "into" Halloween until this year.  I don't know if it is all the crazy inspiration on the world wide web or what but I am on Halloween overload now.  I mentioned in this last Halloween post that when Marilyn from The Artsy Girl Connection asked me to participate in her Creepy Crawl my mind went in all directions and I couldn't decide which project to post about!  I made these little guys first and then did the project below before I ended up deciding on posting about the centerpiece!  Well I can't possibly have made something and not show you right?

Meet this eerie little guy!

  He was of course right up my alley in the easy and thrifty factor!

Here is what you need:

One simple curvy candle holder

Turn that baby upside down and ignore the dust

Grab a styrofoam ball..I had to buy some because of course my craft stash is buried somewhere in the post move garage.

Now I know you all have a few plastic grocery bags laying around right?

In order to light this ghostly guy up you need some of these handy little battery operated candles.

You definitely know where I'm going with this .....

If you want a short little ghostly dude look around I am sure you will find him..

I didn't end up using the smaller candle holder because I decided to paint it orange for another project that by the way failed so we won't be seeing that little dude again;)

Even though styrofoam doesn't tolerate hot glue this situation I used some to attach it so his head didn't wobble and drift or just flat out fall off on me.

I then tore the grocery bag up in a ghostly kind of way (talk about upcycling) !
 I then applied a super tiny squiggle of hot glue around the top edge edge of the candle holder, let it cool just a bit so it wouldn't burn right through the plastic and then pressed the bag around the edges of  the holder.

Then of course some googley eyes were applied with a smidgen of hot glue and I couldn't find my sharpie marker so I just used a black pen for the mouth.

So what do you think?  He is cute in an eerie kind of way.....

I have got to learn how to photograph things like this in the dark!  There is a trick that I don't know yet for sure.  I might mention we were really in the dark when I took these.  Our power went out for about an hour and totally freaked the kids out!  I don't blame them I was a bit scared myself until we found our flashlights and dug and dug for candles.  I am a Scentsy consultant so when you have what the hubby called "electric candles" you have to go digging for the real deal in an outage;)  It was comical once the kids settled down and we had the candles all aglow.  Our little man was actually disappointed and wanted to know "who turned the lights back on"(insert grumpy whiney voice here) once the issue was resolved.  

So are you all ready for Halloween yet?  Come crawl along with us as 5 fellow bloggers and I share our creepy crawly projects!

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Here is the line up!

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and to make it even more fun...

the 31st will feature a linky open to all to link up fun 


 projects to bid the season goodbye! So join in if you can!

Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!

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