Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some pretties and some progress

Oh guys!  I found a new (to me) place to love!  
We have a newish startup company in Austin called Treehouse.
While it has probably been open for at least a year now(probably more) I haven't had a need to venture in since we are in the rent house and all.

Well hubs stopped in the other day and found something he wanted to show me.

It wasn't these awesomely colorful fun tiles!

It wasn't these warm and textured perfect for our master bath tiles either.

It wasn't the gray stacked oh so perfectly tiles right in the middle of this horrible phone picture below either.  Which by the way are identical to the ones I've been trying to source online for our master.

I don't think he spotted these beautiful and colorful Fireclay Tiles either.

These are Austin based designer Kelly LaPlante‘s new Runway Collection for Fireclay Tile. Fireclay tiles are handcrafted, artisan made in San Jose, California out of recycled glass and ceramic from old glass bottles and old porcelain bathtubs.  

Well o.k I'll take about 250 sq feet of those blue ones above please!

This tangerine, musterd, and teal is awesome but I know I change my mind way too often for that kind of commitment.  But oh so cool it is!

Oh and I did drool a little bit when I saw these recycled glass tiles that would be so yummy on our kitchen backsplash!  But you know what? Our tile budget is $1 a sq foot and actually we don't even have a kitchen backsplash in our budget so anything extra is well....EXTRA.  Anywho I already bought our backsplash tiles.  Whoops  I haven't shared those yet..  Let's just look at these for now.

 I even spotted a whole pretty kitchen whose tile of course called my name.

One of the most drool worthy finds would have to be these reclaimed floors.  Come to momma!

What store would be complete without a little area for budding architects and designers?
Can you say free childcare?  I kid!

Now we didn't go to Treehouse for any of those things now did we?
We went looking for this!

Yep a big old hunk of weathered oak!  The one right there in the middle.  I'm sure we could have found something special like this on craigslist, at an old barn sale or on the side of the road for that matter if we had time to hunt for fun things like that.  But instead Treehouse did it for us and this big ol' dude will be our mantle!  That's what we have planned for him anyway.  As for the rest of the fireplace, I'm still just "pinning" away onto my fireplace board looking for ideas.  I like everything!  No seriously look at my board, I'm all over the place.  That detail is going to be hard to nail it down.

Now I have to show you a progress picture of the site right?
It's a big one.  Hold on to your horses!

Ta Da! 

Yes it looks very similar to the way it has looked for the last two weeks!  But...there is some progress I promise.  If you follow on along of the facebook page you've already seen this pic.  We finally had that big ol pile of trees from the last post chipped into mulch in order to open up the driveway!  Baby Steps people.

I was not paid or perked in any way to mention these great products at Treehouse.  They were just drool worthy to me!


Brandye said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow! Seriously beautiful stuff there! And the huge hunk of wood!!!! Yes!!! Cannot wait to see it hung in all its glory!

Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it! That's going to look amazing. Hello, why have I never heard of that store?! It must be on your end of the world.

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said... Best Blogger Tips

Ooh, what a great find- the cool building materials and the store! :)