Monday, April 4, 2011

Window Shopping

How do you go about decorating your spaces?  Do you go out and try to pick out everything, have a big shopping extravaganza and then play with it when you get it all home?  Did I get a lot of "yea rights" out there?  That really only happens on H.G.T.V. 
So if you could go on a huge shopping spree would you feel totally overwhelmed?  I know I would and that is exactly how I felt when I was trying to put together an inspiration board for our future living room.

So here is what I came up with..I LOVE LOVE the " let's stay home" sign that I found on pininterest which is from Etsy but they didn't have the store listed so I will have to look into that! This was a little difficult for me because I just don't ever decorate a space all at once..If I see something and it is cheap enough, I have room for it and love it THEN I get it.  Actually most of the time I end up taking it back because I realize we just don't need it(we actually don't NEED any of this but it is a fun hobby anyway).  Drives the hubby crazy I know but thankfully he tolerates my sporadic decorating challenges and he goes with it.

That being said..this is "sort of" the look I want to go for..We will keep our current rug shown here but I couldn't find it so I went with this version.  I am also not so sure I want a gray sofa anymore.  Maybe a color closer to the leather accent chairs and then have gray on the accent chairs but overall the color scheme is what I am into right now..(this changes often) so who knows where my mind will be when we actually move in to the new casa.  As for paint...ehhh these colors may work but honestly we might go white or the taupe gray that we have in our current living room.  I have never been a white wall kind of girl but I am craving bright and airy spaces right now so we shall see.  Actually that is one of the reasons I get a little anxious when I think about how I am going to make a decision on kitchen cabinetry...part of me wants white and bright and part of me is afraid I will get tired of it.

I digress do you go about decorating your spaces?  Have you ever put together a mood board..virtual or the real deal? Or do you just go with the flow and decorate over the months or even years?



Style Chic....360 said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't have a mood board...but my iphone is filled with inspiration and I also tend to pile pictures in PowerPoint for inspiration.

I am currently redecorating my apartment as I had to start fresh with everything except my dining room table. I'm a bit overwhelmed too, I do have the big pieces now, and I just need need the accessories now which I have found are the hardest to find and like.

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

@Style Chic....360
Ah yes..I have "inspiration" folders on my laptop that I save everything that peaks my interest..but if I had a smart phone I imagine it could and probably would be filled to the brim!

AmberFaith said... Best Blogger Tips

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