Monday, June 10, 2013

Peek at the Powder and the LIST

If I were you and you liked to house snoop like I do I would be annoyed with me.  You see I've shared a lot of the building process with you....from the planning stages, to the painful stressful parts, to the oh and by the way we moved in stage.  Yet you still haven't had a tour.  It seems like we should have built up to a grand tour of what we've accomplished at this point.  To be honest it's all been so overwhelming   because we STILL have people in and out of the house trying to finish or fix things.  So many things are still not done that I just haven't been motivated to take a ton of pics.  I have however taken lots pictures with my phone of things that need to be dealt with before we sign the last bank draw for the builder.  The list is a mile's slowly being chipped away at.  We had our finally inspection on thursday and I can't even bring myself to read it because I don't want the list in my head to be bigger.  Don't worry the hubs was here during the inspection and he also read it and says "we are going to be ok" but some things do need to be taken care of.  I want to show you pretty stuff and not the overwhelming to do list so I'll start with this..

 A Tiny Peek at the Powder Bath

And now the not so fun stuff...

In the kitchen
There were so many issues with the cabinetry that it led to more issues like big gaps in the grout.(DONE)

Cabinets being moved and now needing to be re-caulked and painted.

Uh?  We've had two of these mishaps....Both while a cabinet guy was there. (Not the original cabinet guy..we've never seen him again?)

Missing doors.  This appliance garage thing in the kitchen has apparently never been done before by these guys...It's taking 9 months my friends...Just doesn't make sense!  The doors are supposedly being rebuilt now.

Also note missing knobs on drawers.

Plug in the wrong spot for the vent hood.
Had to be moved then tile had to be fixed...(DONE) Not the best tile patch job but...I'm over it.

Missing toe kicks..

Missing crown molding.
They started it but not sure what happened after that.

Loose kitchen sink...Therefore cracking (painters caulk?).  DONE
They tightened up the sink and used silicone as should have been done.

Gaps around sink..

Crooked Dishwasher

Crooked drawers that wouldn't open easily.

All over the house there were things that looked like this.
Just messy and unfinished.

Missing hinge.

Missing weather stripping.

Missing plumbing something?

Missing paint?  This was everywhere.  I blame the painters and yet I also don't.  You remember how we didn't have electricity until like month 10 or 11?  Every sub ended up working in the dark.

Missing texture and paint in little nooks.

This was a biggie.  Missing shower glass.  (DONE)
Bad wax job on the floors. Still don't know how we are going to handle this one.   Builder says the guy won't call him back? HMM?

Paint and grout all over floors.  No caulk around tubs or shower.
We have had to point all of this out.  No one notices or cares. I cleaned this up and then guided the guy to each spot to caulk.  I dislike micromanaging but apparently if when building you have to get over that.

Crazy crooked jack n jill bath cabinets with no hardware and need of a second paint job.

Lots of trim around the door frames that didn't go to the ground.
(Done...or good enough anyway..they missed some and stuffed some full of grout but we are so tired of talking about the same stuff over and over)

Water damaged door trim and baseboards.(remember the leaking toilet when the water was finally turned on?)

Holes in grout.

Extra chunks of grout.

Peeling paint on the bottom of all interior doors. They were sanded and touched up.  Hopefully it stays looking ok.

Then there are outside things(more bad phone pics).
Lots of tree roots from the original clearing of the lot and clumps of concrete. (Done)

 A ledge of messy concrete on the driveway.  If you accidentally backed up wrong your car would be teetering off the edge and the engine just a little damaged.(DONE)

 Then there is the roof.
I don't know all the technical terms but uh..that ain't finished;)

 How about the exposed chip board under the eve.(done)

 No shingles overlapping the vent to the range hood.(DONE)

 Mortar all over shingles around fireplace.(DONE)

Messy metal work around under eaves.

Hole in siding around electrical outlet.
Unfinished edge of siding near cedar beam..(you see it?)(DONE)

Oh and we have some flooding issues..
Should our builder have had some insight into this?  I think so.

 It's really overwhelming eh?  These are just some of our issues.  Oh yea and our hot water isn't very hot but no one has a real solution for that.  

To add to it we found out if we don't wrap the construction loan into a conventional loan in two more days then we have to refinance.  You know what that means?  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I just keep telling myself it's almost over and thank GOD we at least got to move in and stop paying the month to month rent.  It's all so insignificant in the grand scheme of things and life isn't it?  But man it's eating our lunch!  Can't wait to give you a tour of the house instead of the problems.  



Hyphen Interiors said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy cow!!! That's a long list. I'm so sorry. That sucks. I hope they make it all right.

Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish you were close enough to drown our house sagas in a bottle of wine with me!