Monday, February 27, 2012

Hi there fellow homebodies!  Well I have intended to throw a post together about the changes occurring in the blogosphere for a while now but you know me I'm just getting around to it;)  If you follow any blogs I'm sure you've heard the rumblings about Google Friend Connect no longer being an option to follow non "blogspot" blogs.  This happens March 1st people!  Like in a couple of days!  As of now you can still follow "blogger" blogs via GFC but it sounds like that will not be an option much longer either.  So that being said if you do follow this little  blog via the google follower option there on the left you may want to consider following a different way.  I would hate to lose my connection with you in two days!!  

So what options do you have?
Many many blogs are replacing Google Friend Connect with the Linky Followers option.  It works a lot like GFC except you can actually categorize the blogs you follow.  It's a super simple way to follow all of your favorite blogs!  We will all be starting over with our "followers" and I would be tickled if you kept in touch with me by clicking the "follow me" below or under the Linky Followers on the left sidebar.

I would also be thrilled to have you on my facebook page. I actually have a tendency to post a bit more there because it is so quick and easy!

And... of course I have a Pinterest page because every one is an addict right? Would love to have you join me there too!  

There just aren't enough ways to follow a blog these days are there?