Monday, February 20, 2012

She's Gonna POP!

Remember this?

It was the "welcome on in" wreath "thing" for a baby shower a few friends and I threw for the pretty in pink lady below.  That's right she is having a girl!

 We wanted to do it up all girly and fun this time around because she has two boys at home and hasn't had the chance to do the ruffles and pink until now!

The theme for this shower was...
She's going to POP
and we had fun doing all things "popish" for the special occasion.

On the sideboard below we placed the invitation that of course said 
"She's ready to Pop"

To make it festive we placed paper poms everywhere.

There was also a table full of POPS!
It was so much fun to see what kind of pops everyone came up with.  Now not everything was a pop.  You see that salad?  Well it had a poppyseed dressing of course.

Here are the cake pops that I made.  I will talk about these some other time I'm sure.  Pretty yes, time consuming yes, worth it cause it's fun, yes!

There were even all sorts of flavored POPcorn.

Below are the fruit pops that I made.  Seems to be what I do lately as you may remember from the fairy party post a few weeks back.

Oh and check out these delish pancake pops my friend Christy made..yummo!

To continue the theme...these were piggie pops.  I bet these could be stuck on a skewer and be even "poppier".  Are you gagging from all of my pop words yet.  I am a little;)  Oh and I could kick myself because I didn't get a good picture of the homemade mini POP tarts there on the right that my friend Kim made.  They were much better than your basic store bought pop tart for sure.

More tissue poms with a little girly touch on top.  They really make a room feel like a paaartay!

On this table there were lots of Lolli Pops 

and a little place to write a wish list for the sweet girl on her way.  You can find the printable here.

Look how sweet these are.  Can you imagine how fun it will be for mom and daughter to look through these many years down the road?

Oh look...another pom.  This time pretending to be a bouquet of flowers.  Fun right?

 Here is the sweet momma and her sweet momma.

 All of the food labels were made with a free printable from Amy J Delightful's blog.

Here is momma checking out the gift I made for here.  Post coming on that soon....

Love seeing the smiles on these precious friends faces!  Sweet moments in life!

This was so much fun!  It seems the baby showers have slowed down a bit in our group of friends so we had time to really play and enjoy putting this together.  There are so many awesome shower ideas in the blogoshpere.  Have you hosted a fun one lately?  I would love to see!  Share it with me!



Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said... Best Blogger Tips

You girls definitely know how to throw a shower! Super cute ideas.