Monday, February 13, 2012

Last Minute? Me?

Little dude has his Preschool valentine party tomorrow and guess when we got his valentines all wrapped up.  Tonight of course!  If it were any other way I wouldn't feel like myself.

Last week I decided to start "pinning away" to get some ideas for something that we could make together.
These were a few of my faves:

These are awesome but would have taken some planning and some time.  Both of which I am not good at nor have a lot of  since oh about 2006.  If you want to be ready for next year she does sell the fish bowls in her Etsy shop I believe!

These are so cute and and all over the place but seemed like too much work.  I mean I would actually have to go pick up prints and heaven forbid I add one more thing "to do" to the list;)

These are adorable but of course I would have needed to plan ahead and find the mazes.  And...the printer is out of ink.

 I thought we might do this but of course we are out of ink and I couldn't find a decent deal on 18 bouncy balls.

This one could get pricey considering how many valentines we needed.  Those are packages of rollo's in the sticks.

These are ALL over Pinterest and rightfully so but I swore I would never play with melted crayons since I made race car crayons for little dudes 4th birthday.  Granted these would be easier since there is no pouring of hot staining wax into a mold.

These are just smart and fun!

This one is a little kooky and different which I like!

Super cute!

There it is.  This looked simple enough and we could improvise since we were out of ink.  Now if only I could find Pop Rocks.


I had searched high and low for them recently for another project to no avail but got lucky this time at the Dollar Tree while looking for bouncy balls.  Obviously I didn't didn't find the balls but it all worked out!  The pop rocks came in packages of 3 for $1.

You know what the best part about this one was? Little dude could do them almost all by himself!  Don't get me wrong I wanted this to be something we worked on together but I didn't want it to be my project.  I cut out the strips of paper that we already had with the "fun scissors" that we already had and made a few examples of what we were doing and then he ran with it.  I did most of the cutting so we had some consistency there.

Here is our pile of Pop Rocks.  Of course part of the project was eating some together too.  Who knew candy could be so entertaining but there is something hilarious about the whole popping in the mouth thing!

I think they turned out pretty charming.  Nothing fancy or perfect about these guys.  Just some precious 5 year old handwriting and a memory with mom!

Oh Wait.......
what is a valentines post without something yummy for your tummy?  These lovelies caught my eyes this week too.  Unfortunately I will be at work on Valentines morning and can't do a whole heart themed breakfast but I will have to keep these up my sleeve for someday!

Yes these could be for breakfast too.  Don't you worry.  I have been known to down a couple of pieces of cake or a bowl of ice cream over my regular fruit and yogurt a time or two.  These could start my day off just right as well!

Hope you and yours have a sweet and memorable Valentine's day!

Thanks for stopping by!  I love to be "liked"!  Who doesn't? 


Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Little man's Valentine's are perfect! I bet he'll enjoy handing them out much more since he was personally invested. Great momma moment, Jess!

Kayla @ Your Day Simplified said... Best Blogger Tips

Lots of cute ideas! I don't have any kids yet but those are so sweet; I can't wait!

Kimberly Ann Petersen said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, yes, we've gone the poured crayon route, too, and they are a PAIN! Crayon mashups are much easier! Thanks for the link!