Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I would say come on in

but.....we don't live here anymore! In an effort to do a little less when it comes to decorating for Christmas this year we have opted not to put this bad boy together again at the rent house. I did love this garland though. I think I loved it a lot more than hubs did because he usually ended up being the one to nail it to the stone and do all the hard work while I was typically doing the tree. He is (not so secretly) happy to keep all these goodies in their storage box. Just this year though dude!   I digress..It really welcomed us into our home and it was fun to drive up and see. That sucker was bright!

Ok forgive my bad photography here!  We had just received our new camera and didn't have a clue how to take pics in low light.  Not that I have it all figured out now either but still...

Can you  even tell what is going on here?  I didn't think so.

Thankfully for some reason I did get this close up though. I wasn't blogging about things other than family stuff on our family blog last year so before after and during pics are lacking here but you can see that we just used some of that grapevine that you find all rolled up at Michaels or Hobby lobby and attached that to the stone.  This stuff is a little hard to work with and get to stay in one place because it is so thick and twisted so hubs nailed it in place.

Then we twisted some garland around it, added a gazillion small and large white lights and stuck with  simple red and white ornaments.  When decorating outside I personally like the bigger the better philosophy with ornaments so they actually show up from the street.

Funny I look back this garland was so bright you could hardly see the ornaments.  Good to know!
So that's it..a strange post about last years door.  You use what a got right?
Hope your all having fun getting into the festivities of this fun time of year!
This year I'm trying to focus on sitting on the couch more with the kiddos and hubs and not letting all the excess and bright lights take away from the reason our family celebrates!
Merry Christmas!

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Lynn @The Vintage Nest said... Best Blogger Tips

It's so pretty and I am glad you shared. I have had so much fun riding around seeing everyone's porches and doors. Doesn't matter one wit what year it's from. :)

Sweet G Photo said... Best Blogger Tips

Girl... Look at your house! I Love it!!!! I have no deco touch or maybe no time.. :) But Love what you have done for the year. Your blog is always so fun.

At The Picket Fence said... Best Blogger Tips

So beautiful! It is fun to look back and enjoy things from previous years especially when you worked so hard to create something so lovely. :-) Thanks so much for sharing it at the Doors and Porches party!