Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple is hard to do

With Christmas fast approaching I typically get antsy about trying to make something, at least one something, whether it is something to make the house a little more festive, cookies with the kids, or a gift for someone.  This year is no different except my heart is tugging at me saying "take it easy,  your crammed in this rent house with no room to create, enjoy the moment and don't make a mess if you don't have to".  But....I just can't help myself!  No really...the truth is I have this party..Wink wink Jonna.  This fabulous party that another one of my sweet friends hosts every year(yes I have some party throwin friends).  
Here is the invite!  Such a fun way to get motivated to create!

As the days cool down and the Season draws near,
Let’s have some fun girl-time with friends, food, and good cheer!
Bring a fun homemade gift, wrapped and ready to trade
(or go out and buy one if you just don’t do homemade).
So offer sweet dreams and kiss the family good-night,
Then come out and celebrate - we'll be merry and bright!
Invite your friends and let’s get to know each other better. Be creativewith your gift for exchange your ideas are limitless (up to $15 value, please).

So in an attempt to do something quick and thrifty I now have this..

Ha!  I have three different things going on here...none of which are complete.  I am a scatterbrained crafter fo sho.

See that plunger looking thing there?  Um I nixed that project...It was going to be a tree and then a reindeer and now its a plunger;)  

So here is where I ended up and I don't know that it's finished..but I can't find my ribbon stash(it's in the "storage" aka the garage we can't walk into) and I can't decide if I am willing to brave Michaels for one more ornament wood thingy.

I started by buying some of this glittered card stock at Hobby Lobby(for my tree project fail).  I can't get enough of this stuff.  I was lucky to find it at 1/2 off when I needed it.

 I also brought home some Folk Art black metallic paint for the "plunger" project.

Days later...I came across these little wood ornaments at Michaels while I was looking for something else..What that something was I can't remember.  Seriously have scatterbrain issues.  

This pretty curvy gal was 1.49 and then 1/2 off!

I decided after much goofing around with other possibilities for this that I would keep it simple and make a garland, swag, or bunting...whatever you want to call it.  Actually I don't know what bunting means..I need to look that up!

So I asked the hubs to go into the deep dark unknown of the garage and figure out a way to make some holes to hang said garland.

Oh and luckily I had an impulse buy near while in the checkout line and bought this package of 3 Ho's for half of of 1.99(giggle here) and a santa hat that had holes in them so they were absolutlely perfect for the "garland".

I went ahead and painted the back of the three ornaments with the metallic black paint to give it a more finished look without having to go buy more paint.  If I had silver or red I would have gone that route but I'm glad I didn't because if I do want to keep this on the mirror the black keeps the back from being too distracting.

I decided to leave the side I was going to decoupage without paint although it wouldn't be a bad idea to paint both sides in case your paper isn't lined up just right.

I traced around the ornaments onto this awesome paper...This is by far my favorite and I wish I would have done the whole thing in this beautiful paper!

Make sure to mark where your drilled holes are too.  I used a hole punch to make a clean cut.  Then whipped out that mod podge and went to town.

Since I can't find my ribbon stash....I used leftover raffia from my little mummy votive project in October so I could see how it looked all together.

And Viola...Here she is on the mantel.  

I think I am going to go look for a better ribbon option if I have time but I think she turned out simple and even a little mod which I love!  
You can't really tell in these pics but all three papers are different...I think I will rearrange the order of the ornaments when I rehang them.  I am feeling a little off balance with my favorite paper being on the end;)  Who knows...I might just totally change this again before the party;)

I did find time to go get some ribbon and of course moved this little baby again.  I think I like it better with the red ribbon..Don't you?

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Oh, if only my gals would play along with my crafty obsession! Seems I'm the only crafter in the bunch :) Cute garland!
-Jill @ Junky Vagabond

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You are my kind of Christmas crafting genius. :)

So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

I would love for you to visit Decor To Adore. I am in the midst of a "Gifts You Can Make" series.

Be merry and bright!

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Hi there, you did a fabulous job with the Christmas garland. After all that soul searching you came up with just the perfect idea. Thanks for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over and visit mine and perhaps you would like to follow me also. I would like that. Hugs, Chris