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Evolution of a Room

Happy Monday all you wonderfully creative and talented people!  
If there is anyone out there that hasn't given up on the bedroom makeover in progress for Lori you will be happy to know I have a little update!  Finally!

Here is a little sneak peak of the mirror and headboard I posted on the facebook page yesterday;)  

Isn't she pretty?!

When we first started these were the pics that Lori sent of their room.  It was a room that they just hadn't gotten around to.  Isn't that how it always is?  The master bedroom almost always seems to be the last room in the house that gets any attention.  Maybe it's because we never get to spend enough time there, or it is tucked away upstairs like Marc and Lori's.
Anywho, here is what you saw when you first walked into the room.

This is what you saw if you stood at the foot of the bed.

These are the nightstands and lamps that Lori acquired from Marc's bachelor days

When Lori and I started chatting about what she wanted for the room there were a couple of things that she mentioned.  She was thinking of a grayish blue for the walls and had spotted a comforter at West Elm that was calling her name.  As I have probably mentioned a hundred times before I am just a wanna be designer.  I usually have no real plan for what we end up doing in our home.  I just see something I like (typically at a very reduced price) and get it if I know I can put it to use somewhere.(back in the day when I was trying to decorate our casa anyway) These days I just keep my eyes peeled for good deals for others and you know what?  It is just as fun!  Anyway there is really no rhyme or reason...It doesn't have to fit some "style".   I just "like" it.  There is also a bit of a tendency to buy things that are a little different.  For instance those two leaves on the wall to the left of the window.  They are made of bark and were different and cheap so I had to swipe them up.

Or that huge "ball o' light" I just couldn't pass up at a Four Hands tent sale.  (If you have a Four Hands in your area consider yourself lucky. We were lucky enough to buy several pieces of furniture back when they would send out 40 or 50% off vouchers)! Bonus!  

I digress...I guess I just feel the need to say...I really don't have a clue what I'm doing.  I just happen to know a couple of people that for one reason or another have faith that I can help them make sense of their spaces.  So back to what Lori wanted.  I put this mood board together with a grayish blue paint and the pin tuck comforter  she wanted.

When we met up to do a little shopping together she brought me a paint sample of Sherwin Williams Ink Well.

Truth be told it is a bit more navy than the above picture and really dark.  My approach in this has been if   Lori is drawn to it lets see how we can use it and I thought it could be a very dramatic change for their room so homework was given and they painted the whole room Inkwell!  Daring?  Maybe...but the room is huge and it works.

We then went to purchase her duvet cover from West Elm.
Then I was out and about looking for some accessories and came across this pretty lady at hobby lobby for 50% off of course.  (pardon the phone pic this is how we shop together...I see something..shoot her a pic, she goes to get it, fun!)

Ok back to that mood board.  The original board depicted a neutral headboard to work off of and some pattern mixed in through pillows and that awesomely cute yellow chair from Target.

Actually while pinning some things on her bedroom pinterest board  I had come across this super cute fabric aviary headboard from Target before I decided neutral would be easier to work with. 

Lori was really drawn to both of the yellow fabrics and she and Marc decided to tackle making a fabric headboard out of a beautiful yellow floral fabric that she found.

Marc has pics of the making of the headboard and the details that I will eventually post about.  But as I am sure you know there are a million make your own fabric headboard tutorials out there in blogland right now.

So you wanna see the first picture that I got to see of the room once they got started?  Again a phone pic but you get the gist! 

That's a bold statement huh?  Oh I can't wait to show you what it evolves into!

From there I continued my adventure in accessory finding and found two pics like these at Home Goods that brought in all the colors we had evolved into looking for.

We then took a fun trip to ikea where she bought this gray and gorgeous Edland dresser that I have loved for a long time.(have I mentioned it is fun to live vicariously through other peoples decorating?)

and this white Malm dresser( don't worry we had plans to dress her up)

We found the lamps at Home Goods and the blanket at Ikea also.  Then onto what has proven to be the most difficult part of this room for me...the pillows!  Pillows are fun right?  They are an easy way to add interest but man they are kicking my bootie here.  I think something just doesn't connect in my brain 
when I try to add more pattern and color on top of the yellow headboard.  Right or wrong it bugs me.

So we started simple with some really neutral pillows .  This off white or taupey color is also found in the art that we scored at homegoods for half the price of what ZGallerie still has them for..woohoo.

Granted everything is thrown together here and lots of missing bits and pieces but it ain't workin...  In order to not get stuck on the pillow issue we move on to the dressers.  We went for actual dressers here instead of nightstands because Marc and Lori needed more useful storage space and they got it for sure.  

You have probably seen these guys all over the blogosphere right?

They are from a brilliant company called O'verlays and you can use them to dress up just about anything!  Especially ikea furniture!

So we did

 Then we hung some thrifty Ikea curtains and rods up and attached them with clips instead of using the tabs, hung the art(still need to remove those pesky price stickers) and we started to see a room come together!

Oh but the pillows:(  In an effort to bring in more of the navy we found these chevron pillows on clearance at West Elm.  Thankfully they were on clearance because I'm not feeling it.

We tried them with the neutral pillows

We took the pillow cases off and tried the white.   Oh and see that bedskirt?  After much thought on what to do about a bedskirt we have decided to take the headboard fabric and turn it inside out just to change it up a bit and tuck it in to see how it looked and we loved it!  Lori is going to tackle finishing off that no sew look soon and we will just be pinning them on because those pesky bedskirts that go all the way under the mattress are annoying anyway right?

In an effort to try everything we had to make the bed right in my head I asked Lori what she had in her guest bedroom and low and behold..

We threw these babies on the bed and already liked it better

Now I am in the search for a new pillow covers for those pillows in the back but it is finally starting to work I think!  Actually as I look back at the pic of the navy chevron pillows in this post they look pretty darn good...There is something about them in person though. 

So here we are
From here....

To here...
For Now!
  I of course really wanted to have a good old "we finished the whole room check out these before and afters reveal" but I couldn't help it.  I am not that patient.   It is going to be such a great change for them!  A finished room with a little drama and we haven't really even addressed the other side of the room yet.  Stay tuned and see if we get it finished in 2012;)

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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the headboard, especially in contrast to the dark wall! Also, with those darling yellows pillows, it looks great. Keep you the good work!

Dana Frieling@ Make Them Wonder said... Best Blogger Tips

You guys have been busy! It's looking awesome. Agreed...pillows are a pain!

Janel@hatingmartha said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks great! That headboard turned out snazzy!

Megan said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy smokes, that looks so amazing! I heart that color scheme and that headboard with that bedding, fabulous!!!!

Hyphen Interiors said... Best Blogger Tips

I loved reading through your thought process. It's a perfect example how much of design is trial and error... try this. If it doesn't work well, try this... It's not always a streamlined process. Thanks for showing that in this post. Love how it's turning out, though!

Crafting Rebellion said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the colors! Just found your blog from a link party!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the transformation!! I have the same duvet and I think I will have to add yellow into the mix I LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by Harrison Home!

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Love that color scheme! I've never heard of overlays... will definitely be checking out that link! You did a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing at my party!

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loving this makeover!
found your blog from Allison's and I'm in Austin too

have a great day