Saturday, January 14, 2012

Boys Drool Colors Rule!

If you have been on Pinterest at all......  I mean I don't know a soul that really likes that site or that would  waste away precious minutes of life pinning recipes that they might try someday(if they ever routinely cooked) or design ideas for their "someday house".   I don't know anyone that does that do you?  I didn't think so;)

Anywho, I digress.  If you are a Pinterest fan (would love for you to follow my boards here) then you may have spotted a few of the awesome color boards from Design Seeds.

Jessica from Design Seeds has an awesome eye for color and a great concept!

She almost takes all the worry and hassle out of the sometimes difficult task of choosing colors for a space.  I love how you essentially pick the main colors that you want to use and then even know which colors to keep in mind for accessories because you know they will jive.

I am so in love with this concept that I have already written a previous post about it..  Geez me!  Get a life!  

Ok so we love the concept right?  But now what do we do with it?  When it is actually time to go get the paint do we go research the swatch isle looking for something similar or is there a better way?

As you can imagine Design Seeds has probably been asked this question a time or two and I was curious as well.
Apparently in the world of color there is something called a HEX code.  Design seeds has provided that and all you have to do is scroll over the color that your interested in on the right side of the color board and the HEX code will pop up.  

Then what?

There is a site called Work with Color that you can visit and enter the HEX code into the "color converter" and it will give you the RGB code which is what the paint store needs to mix your color.  Now obviously I haven't attempted this yet but I would probably try one color and see how it goes.  After all computer screens vary too so I am really curious how the colors come out.  If we ever break ground on the house and I get to get my hands dirty again I will definitely be trying this!  Almost for the sole purpose of seeing if it works!  Have you ever tried to find your perfect color palate this way?  If not what method do you use to get that perfect match at the paint store?  Do tell!



Hyphen Interiors said... Best Blogger Tips

I love her site, too! Loving that second color combo - so vibrant. It was awesome to meet you! I wrote you an email (reply from your comment) prior to that, but it just got returned. Boo. Anyway, love those dining chairs on House Tour 2. And, that console table in the family room. Awesome job!