Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Real Life Fun

That's right we do actually have life around here that doesn't involve construction.  It doesn't feel like it sometimes but we do and it's a great one!  Our first born turned the big Six recently!  That handsome ref right there is the hubs being a really good sport and officiating at the football birthday party!

We have had so much going on lately with building and decision making that the actual party snuck up on us a bit.  Thankfully little man knew he wanted a football party so we rolled with it.  The week before the party hubs found this goal post online and we got it on time!  

For fun we put black halloween paint under the kiddos eyes and encouraged the kiddos to wear jerseys if they had them.
I totally lucked out at michaels and found all this football party stuff: serving trays, tablecloth, and even some little takeout boxes that looked like referee shirts.

We already had the orange cones from a previous birthday party.
As for the treats I just used chocolate icing for the cupcakes and added some football stitching in hopes that they would pass for footballs and I think they did!

 These football brownies were actually little mans idea.  He loves him some brownies and we wanted to find a cute way to incorporate them.  I just made two boxes of brownie batter and baked them on a cookie sheet instead of in a cake pan.  I then stuck them in the fridge in hopes that I could cut them out with a cookie cutter if they were a little firm.

Thankfully it worked!

Along with the sweets we had peanuts and chex mix in the little referee boxes, pigs in a blanket and little mini corn dogs made in a muffin pan and lots of water and gatorade.  I don't have good pics of that stuff but it wasn't really all that exciting either!

As for the real fun...The kids played hard!  They kicked field goals, and tried to pass the football through that nifty little contraption that the hubs whipped up a couple of days before the party with some wood we already had;)

We brought every football we own and those little orange cones from his 4th "racecar party" came in handy too!  I need to find those race car party pics..that was a fun one too.

Here is our bitty baby that isn't so bitty anymore.  

Our sweet ballerina girl had fun too although she isn't really into playing football.  She wanted to dress as a cheerleader and didn't want the under eye makeup for sure.  I am almost positive she isn't going to have much of a tendency be a tomboy;)  I don't know where she gets that?

Action shots:

This is too cute.  I seriously thought when I threw out the idea that I could run to academy and get the hubs a ref shirt that he would say "no thanks" but he was like "ok get me a hat and a whistle too.  I have a funny feeling somebody may be a referee for halloween this year.  It's all about using what you've got around here.

The big boys had some fun too...

So we played and then we sang and ate..
Love this picture!  He was having a ball!

Then there were gifts......

We are so grateful to have so many friends with so many kiddos to share birthdays with!

One of my main missions was to get these kids to give me a team picture to remember the day by.

I asked the kids to give me their best football pose and well....this is what I got.
Not only were some missing but I see nothing here that really resembles what I was going for;)

This was a little more like it...a little.  At least there is a little "tude" present which is what I think of when I think football dudes.  You know like growling, testosterone and stuff.

So mission accomplished!  Our man turned six and he just so happened to get a fun party too!