Monday, November 7, 2011

You want me to do what?

Meet Marc and Lori
 (and.... the precious and oh so smart Addy)

A few months ago Marc contacted me about wanting to surprise Lori with a bedroom makeover. (Brownie points for Mr. Marc right?)  
He had been considering hiring the real deal (a real designer, with real education, and a real hourly wage;)
Mr. Marc decided instead to ask me if I wanted to help because he said "we always like the way you guys decorate" and I said uh...."well I'm honored and blushing and am absolutely uncomfortable with you paying me to help you do something that I will probably stumble through." This is not word for word of course but you get my drift right? 
They wanted to "hire" me and I wasn't sure if I could 
One: Find the time to help or 
Two: Accomplish the goal and have a happy Lori
We are going for it! I have absolutely no problem buying things to put in my own home but the pressure to "make a house a home" for someone else is actually what helped me steer away from an interior design degree and instead go with the oh so concrete end results of a degree in Dental Hygiene(yes there is such a thing;)

So do you want to stumble through this with me?  I mean how could I say no to some online and in person shopping trips for a friend!

 We kinda sorta live in the same town but it is quite a road trip and trying to find a time to meet up when the traffic isn't bad or when I don't have my three chillins isn't easy so we have for the most part done a lot of virtual design.

So first off I had them send me some pics.  

This is what you see when you walk into their HUGE bedroom.
There are two large windows on the left with about 6 feet in between them and to the right of the bed there is a wall at an angle and then a fairly large wall that runs parallel with the bed.

Standing near the foot of the bed you see this.  There is one of the windows I mentioned.  This is a great little nook for a chair or two.  That door there leads into their master bath.

Marc also sent me some close ups of the furniture they had so we could decide if we could use it or not.

This is what is on the angled wall near the bed.

So here is where the fun starts for me!  After Lori mentioned a paint color that she had been eyeing
Sherwin Williams Inkwell
Dramatic Huh?

and a duvet cover from West Elm she had in mind...

then I attempted to find something similar for a mood board and started pulling some things together that I hoped she might like.  We didn't really discuss much in the beginning.  I just took her color choice and ran with it to see if I could get an idea about what she liked.

 I of course also encouraged her to "pin" away at things she likes so I could get a feel for her style.
Then I "pinned" away myself!
Which by the way if you haven't started your addiction yet then just contact me via my little envelope button with "pin me" in the subject line and I will be your "dealer" and send you an invite;)

Here are some things I started pinning

Isn't Pinterest awesome!(not a question...a fact indeed)  It is so great that I can pin something and she can go right to the link and buy it if she likes it.  Shopping is becoming way too easy!  Anywho...after she o.k.'d the look that I came up with we met up to buy the duvet and check out her sample of the paint color and she went home and went to town......I am so excited and nervous to see how this all turns out.  It has been slow going for sure(like I was afraid of) but we will get it done!  More coming soon....

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Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

How awesome that you were asked! Love that Pinterest! And it looks like the room will be lovely...keep us posted!

Analog Girl said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your idea board. Sounds like lots of fun!