Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hill Country Girls Trip!

Hi guys!  I need to share some pictures with you!  My mom, sister and 5 year old daughter and I went on a "girls trip" together last weekend.  
If you've never had the chance to spend a little time in Fredrickburg, TX you really are missing out!  It's  only a hop skip and a jump from me so I've had the luxury of getting to go several times in the last 10 or so years and it is always a treat.  
It has changed over time and in my opinion is a bit overpriced but I love to go and get ideas and just soak up all the yummy old buildings and soak IN German pastries.  

This is the adorable little cottage we stayed in.  It had rustic texas furnishings inside with a stone fireplace and stained concrete floors.

Look at the adorable cactus wreath on the door.  I'm totally making one of these soon!  

This was the view from the bedroom window.  There were probably about 15-20 other cottages(by the way it is my dream job to own a place like this!).

The little details like the antler door handles on all of the barn doors inside are some of the reasons this place is more exciting to stay in than your run of the mill hotel.

There was also a huge section of their land that had tons of Elk with HUGE fuzzy antlers.  It was fun to watch them come up to the fence to graze.

The only thing wrong with this place was the bed situation.  Call me old but I can't sleep in just any old bed anymore:(  The bed was way too soft and the pull out couch was well...a pull out sofa bed.  I was pooped after two nights of no sleep.  But the place sure was cute! 

Now on to the pretty stuff!  I should have taken more pics but here are a few examples of some of the adorable stores and their displays.

I loved this bird painting from what I assume is a local artist and the kinda creepy paper mache animals were fun too.

I loved all the color in the place but I really loved the idea of having a fun picture of our sweet chocolate lab done like this.  Quirky and special all wrapped into one.

You know presentation is huge.  These candles did smell great but they looked even better!  I was so tempted but I just couldn't make myself spend $36 on a candle.  Although you could use the containers for like EVER!

I did find the same candles for a tad bit cheaper on Amazon.  The link in on the right sidebar.

Everything bright bold and summery caught my eye.  It was only 105 degrees out so there was no mistaking that we are right in the midst of all out bright summer decor.

More bold colors and yummy patterns...

And this guy!  I never thought I would love a picture of pigs but how can you not?  I would love to see this baby on some white plank walls!  
But...I didn't have $400 to blow.

 Along with adorable stores you get to be surrounded by central Texas scenery and if your lucky you can turn it into an all out TX wine country adventure.  There are tons of wineries throughout the hill country and tasting rooms right on main street.

Fredricksburg is also known in the summer for it's peaches and you can find anything from peach pie and cobbler to peach wine and margaritas!  

I had a yummy fried beet salad.  I had never heard of fried beets before either but it was the healthiest and least expensive thing on the menu so I went for it.

It just so happens that this restaurant outside of town was called the Pink Pig(it was a piggy kind of weekend) and they had a tiny bakery in there restaurant  where they sold yummy deserts and iced pink pig cookies.

Here's my sweet girl at the Pink PIG.

You'll find lots of charming buildings like this throughout town.

Oh and the bakeries!  The old old historic bakeries.  

Adorable right?

Had I known I was going to share this trip with you I would have taken more pics of main street and other cool shops but I think you get the idea.
Need a girls trip?