Friday, February 22, 2013

Funky Friday Finds

Hey guys!  We interrupt the not so regularly scheduled posting about building a house for something a bit more wacky and fun.   After living in our rental for a year and a half and before that focusing on staging the house we sold I am chomping at the bit not to just move into the new house but to play with it! Every once in a while if I see a good deal on a pillow or a candle holder I will get it and set it aside in hopes that it will get used in the future.  So I have some fun stuff to pull out when we get there but I came across some fun stuff today and I have to share.  Now don't hold me to it but I'm thinking of starting a Funky Friday Finds series where I feature fun and maybe out of the box things to decorate with.  I LOVE the surprise element of decorating and have always had my eyes peeled for something "different" to put in a room so lets see what I can come up with on fridays.  You with me?

Today it's all about plants.  No matter what your taste or thumb color it is always nice to have a little green inside.  I think the more simple the better because it's hard enough to remember to water the potted plants outside and we try not to add anymore chores to our to do list these days.  That being said I think you can go simple but go fun!

Deck the Walls

She doesn't know it yet but I've wanted to do this for my friend/client Lori in a special place but now that she is moving to the Big D I may just have to do it at my house instead.  When you need to add some interest to the walls I think something like these succulents all framed up would be awesome mixed in with family pictures and nick nacky finds.

And...Hello cool with a K!  One letter or a whole word would we awesome almost anywhere.

I also love the simplicity of this air plant that you could either hang or sit on a table top as well.

How about these concrete planters for the wall?

These guys are actually the type of planters that I envisioned placing in graphic rows of 3 or 4 over Lori's fireplace(or mine;).

Want something even more funky for the wall? 
This planter made from bamboo and what I think are air plants would look great hung by itself,
used as a centerpiece or how about 3 of them hung on the wall together.  
O.k.  as I type I'm falling more in love with all of these and starting to thing I may go against my own rule of not having too many plants inside.

Oh and I can't resist these awesome reclaimed pillar post turned succulent wall art. I need these too.  I'm in trouble.  How do you decide when there is so much awesomeness?

 Contain the Fun

I don't think fun should be contained at all but let's   just step away from the standard clay or ceramic pot for a minute.  I  fell hard for these guys and could see myself going a little nuts for these unexpected and colorful friends.

Just look at him in all his orange glory!

Au Nature-al 

We can keep it natural all around and yet still be funky.  This grass in an eggshell would look good sitting absolutely anywhere, bookshelves, tables, bathrooms..whatever, where ever.  You just can't go wrong adding a touch of grass to a room.

 How about some air plants in urchins?  Yes please!  If you need some texture in a room here ya go!

 Show your interests

You can stick a plant in almost anything.

Wine enthusiast?  

Wouldn't that be a great gift for someone who is if your not?

Just have something to say?  Consider writing a little message on any potted plant.  Whether it be chalk or not you could do this on any simple pot but I do like the fun shape of this one.

You can't moss it up;)

Really you can't.  People have been decorating with moss forever.  Whether it's covering a wreath, a ball, a cardboard letter for your initials, you name it.  It always adds some fun color.  But lets make it a little funky now.

We can put it in a lightbulb and make your run of the mill terrarium a little more interesting.

These would look great on any shelf or nightstand.

Oh and these cuties had me at hello.  What an awesome and so simple centerpiece on your table or in the hubs office!  Guys need green pretty things to ya know.

The best part about all of these is we aren't talking about high priced items to add some spice to your home.  Many of these you could do yourself but most are all very reasonable and fun little quirks to add to life because let's face it life isn't quirky enough at times.  Here's hoping lots of not so funky stuff happens at the construction site this weekend and I can share some progress next week!