Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everything but the laundry room sink

The laundry room sink.

I hear a lot about it. 

 People seem to get excited when they see one.

(Our kiddos get really excited when they get ice cream!)
So does their momma but will a sink do it for me too?

 It seems like it makes the laundry room more appealing but why? In planning the house we will eventually get around to building that is one thing we can't decide if we want to spend $$ on. Will we use it? Is it really that hard to just use the kitchen sink? How many times have I needed to soak laundry? Almost never. If it needs soaking it probably doesn't belong in this casa. We do on occasion use the kitchen sink to water a house plant, and on occasion work on a craft that requires us to rinse or wet something but we have absolutely survived without one. 
 Am I missing something?

                                                        Source: via Jessica@ Hill Country Homebody on Pinterest

Part of me thinks we should just do it and we will probably find reasons to use it and at the same time counter space in the laundry is my biggest house dream at the moment:)!
                      Source: via Jessica@ Hill Country Homebody on Pinterest


                      Source: None via Jessica@ Hill Country Homebody on Pinterest

So what do you think? If you had a choice would you have one? Have you had one before and now miss it?



Dana Frieling said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, you need one! We added one into our current house and I've been surprised at how much we use it. It's perfect for washing out those paint brushes and not worrying about mixing yucky chemicals along the food you're preparing for dinner!

Shannon said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love to have one! Not just for pre-soaking laundry, but for craft clean-up(my kitchen sink in now trashed from chemicals used to clean paint brushes, gummy junk from jars, etc.) I would bath my dog in it, instead of killing my back using the tub!! Tons of uses!!

Sallie said... Best Blogger Tips

I would love a laundry room sink! I've never had one. I like the wash tubs. I'm pinning them!