Friday, July 22, 2011


You know I'm bad I'm bad you know it!  Yep that is what is going through my mind as I stare at my computer and attempt to put a post together.  No suprise to some I have been on a long blogging hiatus.  The truth is I got tired and had to sit back and re-eval my time.  I was staying up way too late(not necessarily posting) on the computer and just wasn't feeling good about where my time was being spent.  I want this to be a place where I can shoot out ideas, questions about DIY and design, and post lots of Before and After pics(because that is what everybody loves right) on a whim and not feel any kind of pressure to do so.  So that being said I am still alive just way way way too busy trying to stay that way;)  No really all is well and we have tons of BIG HUGE stuff going on but until then...I will be sharing a couple more staging posts.  Did you know we have essentially been staging our casa for over a year?  More on that too............