Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift

Have you already prepared the perfect Fathers Day Gift for Dad?  Well if not you still have time!  Here is a super simple yet meaningful way to show him the love.  Hubby is always wishing for updated pics of the kids for his desk at work so I thought this would make his day.
I went to hobby lobby to buy some cardboard letters to decorate for the kids to hold but when I found these at 50% I decided it was worth it to save a little time and they were actually going to be cheaper than making something.

Prepare for a photo shoot!
First instruct your children to actually put clothes on. (Mine don't really care for clothes so this is a chore;).  I  didn't want them in nice dress clothes for this so I essentially told them to put on what they typically wear around the house(besides their undies).  They enjoyed being in control of their outfits!

Next find a good place with decent lighting and shoot away.  I was tempted to do action shots(you know one is always doing ballet, one is crying, one is crime fighting) but I felt like the sit still and take a quick pic approach was going to keep everyone from getting frustrated.  And I didn't want little dude to have his crime fighting face on anyway.

Then we went and picked out some frames from Michaels which were all 40% off.  I decided to go with 3 separate frames so that hubby could set them on his desk instead doing one of those all in one hang on the wall frames.  Make since?

Anywho..Here is how it turned out! 

Guess what he loved it!!  The kids couldn't wait and actually I couldn't either so we surprised him a day early.  Unfortunately about 20 seconds after he opened it the first "D" that you see in the picture actually stepped on hers broke the glass and got a piece in her foot.  Ah...never a dull moment.


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said... Best Blogger Tips

Super cute idea~ photos are always such a charming gift and the blocks are just darling! :)

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

What a fun idea! I'm adding this to my "to do list"

Aroura said... Best Blogger Tips

What a SUPER cute idea! I love it!!!

Chantal said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE!! :)

Rhonda said... Best Blogger Tips

Good job Momma!!!!!!! Just precious.

Ali said... Best Blogger Tips

aww, that is such a cute idea :) Love it.