Monday, May 2, 2011

Seeing a Trend Here

I have kitchens on the brain today(mostly because mine is a mess) so I thought I would take my mind off of the mess and into my kitchen inspiration file.  Yes..I have one of those.  I save almost any picture that has something in it that I want to remember or should I say try to imitate in a thrifty way.  Since we are in the very early stages of house planning and honestly have been foreva....I have a pretty good stash of photos of potential kitchen looks.  As I was scrolling through them I definitely saw a trend.  WHITE/GRAY/BLACK
I love it at the moment.
This first kitchen is a bit more rustic than we are but I love the barstools and love the look of old with brand spankin new and can't wait to incorporate more of it into our casa soon.
Again..Rustic...I am always drawn to exposed beams and we plan to have some transom(sp?) windows in the new casa so this caught my eye..Also love the flow...All one big room perfect for all those huge gatherings we have..NOT
But we want to..we really really do...
More exposed beams but white and bright and mod and lovely
Hmm..this one is blurry..but I think this may be the way one wall in the kitchen looks in the new build.  There will probably be doors on either side of the stove wall but with above mentioned "transom windows" above the doors to let light into the room behind the wall(we can't figure out how to get windows in the room behind so transoms and maybe a skylight will have to work.
Love the open shelving here but will I like dusting it...Or maybe I will just ignore the dust..I am pretty good at that now.
Gray Gray what can I say..oh and the stainless farmhouse sink.. so purdy
Another great open space...but I am picturing the light bright space to the left as our sunroom/breakfast nook.
I just like this...great colors, great the black behind the dishes in the glass cabs
One of our main goals when we build is to have a huge island like this...Can you imagine seating 10 at your island..Who needs a table?  Uh oh...I already have one though...(hope the hubs doesn't read this one)..  I will work it in somewhere;)
Another option I am looking into...It is almost like having a window over the kitchen sink but your not as limited to a 'U" or "L" shaped kitchen.
Love how this has my beloved gray but is still warm...
Another more useable "window over the kitchen sink" look
What can I say...White and Dark...I like it.

Big happy island.. Oh and doors on either side of that back wall...This may be more similar to our flow and ceiling heights.
This one is just pretty..more clean lines for a less traditional look in all white.
Way more traditional but I love the open space...

Heavenly windows and great lighting all around
I want to be able to incorporate pieces of real furniture like this in the space as well..And love the glass pendant lights here too.
I have had a crush on this light fixture for a long time and can picture her right over the breakfast table..The colors in this photo are also Oh So Happy!
Clean and classic
Too "farmy" for us but love the windows over the cabinets for some extra light yet with privacy
So there it is.... my dreamy kitchen inspiration folder...It will be interesting to see if it turns out to look anything like any of these(I change my mind a lot)!  Only time and budget (and mood swings) will tell.

All pictures can be found and were linked to via my Kitchen Inspiration file on Pinterest