Sunday, May 29, 2011

Little Tweaks

Hi there! I am in an abnormally motivated state right now. For some reason(maybe it is the whole going to bed before 1 am thing) I have energy and am waking up a bit too early even when I don't have to be at work. Maybe it is because I am hungry? I have put myself on an uber strict diet to kick this last bit of baby weight and it seems to be working...but yes I am hungry! If hungry means I get more done I should let myself get hungry more often!
So I am doing a little house tweaking as we get ready to have someone come take some professional pictures of the house this week so we can try to sell it. As of this very second(I change my mind a lot) I am going to list it on craigslist first and see what happens. I am a bit doubtful that it will move that way but I have to give it a shot because if we have to pay realtor fees we won't be left with much of anything to put down on our construction loan. Speaking of construction....I am in the process of trying to get a link up on my sidebar to get you to help me construct our home. I know what I like but when it comes down to specific things like appliances and what not I am going to need some input and what better place to get it than in the blogoshpere with all of you crafty, thrifty, insightful, wonderful fellow bloggers?! Anywho..that is for another day.
For now I wanted to tweak our master bath a bit so that it will photograph better. It was already looking pretty well staged I think but I had recently purchased a little fake flower to bring in some color. It is funny because a year ago I wouldn't have put a fake flower anywhere in our casa and these days they are actually calling my name because it is such an easy way to add color and texture to a room. I originally wanted an orchid to put on the countertop but I didn't like the price nor the way it would take up too much space around our already limited sink space. So I bought this..
Actually just the flower.   I had the vase in a spot in the playroom.  Previously this area of the room looked like this
I had just put that tall vase up there because I didn't have another place for it.  So then out of laziness I just stuck the "fakey" in the vase.  It didn't look right but I started not even noticing it.
I didn't want to cut the stem just in case I had another tall vase that it actually looked good in someday so I just bent the stem
And shoved it in
Now you may notice the little loop de loop of the stem is still poking out a bit...I need to fix that...Maybe in a few months;)
You also may notice that big aqua disc thing on the right is new.  Well it isn' just floats around from
here in our first ya see it?
to here in our current kitchen
and now to it's final resting place in this house

 Oh and as I look at this final picture I realize that I forgot to mention the other little fakey the succulent( on the right side of the lower shelf that I put in an old unused vase that was once a diffuser(you know the things with oil and sticks in them that make a room smell all yummy).  I have to say fake succulents look awesome these days and it would be pretty realistic to have it growing here because they need very little soil.  Anywho...I think the bath looks a little more finished and ready for it's photo shoot!



Jill said... Best Blogger Tips

The colors in your bath are beautiful, and I had to laugh - I would just stick the fake in the vase and leave it too. Some things are not worth fussing over :)