Friday, April 15, 2011

From Laundry Tomb to Laundry Room

How many of you out there love your laundry room?  The place where most of us could spend several hours a week. But also the place where we want to spend as little time as possible.  I am literally in ours for seconds at a time. Loading and unloading as fast as I can so I can get out!  Now that is mostly because our now 16 month old is never far behind and ready to play in the dogs water, see what is in the cat litter box and/or trying to climb in the dryer.   If your anything like me the laundry ends up dispersed ALL over the house.  If the dryer is full but I have to get something in and there is no room left in the room then the clean stuff gets thrown in a pile on the sofa. Or if it actually gets into a basket, then it is moved to the formal dining room table(once again so the baby doesn't disperse it for me).  Eventually all of those piles end up in the master bedroom on the bed.  Gone are the days of semi keeping up with it all in the chaos of having 3 young kiddos.  So I can't help but to dream of a place like this....
Isn't she all bright and shiny and huge?  

Or can you imagine having a place to cut flowers for all your little fresh flower arrangements that you have around the house...Ha Funny! It is magazine worthy though.

And oh my goodness...I have really been dreaming of a white laundry room but this stopped me in my tracks.  Love this color!  When trying to think about the design of the house that we are hoping to build..I have thought that some sort of double or bigger door to the laundry would be nice..It is always a pain to get in and out with a big load..Petty yes...dreamy yes!

And then there is the whole organization thing that is so lacking in my world of laundry.  This is a good idea!  Most front loaders seem to sit on a pedestal.  This one actually serves a good purpose.  I love the thought of labeling everything in the laundry room.  Hopefully it will help when getting the kids involved...and anyone else that wants to help too!

Look at this hidden gem!  This may be a great solution for us because I would love to have an office/laundry.  This would keep it from quickly becoming all laundry.
Oh and here is another splash of bright fun laundry color...The laundry is a room that you can totally get away with something like this and it not feel overwhelming.
And then there is this little island that I have had in my home inspiration folder for a long time now.  I picture different baskets than the ones here with the kids names labeled on them so they now who's is who's and don't go digging and throwing things all around looking for that one sock.  And...when I say "honey go get your basket of clean laundry and take it to your room" and they say "yes maam"  there will be no question as to what goes where.  Have I ever mentioned that I'm a dreamer?!
Oh man..I am obviously in love with gray right now but I hadn't thought about it for this room. this is unexpected and fun!
My pile is similar in size yet not so organized!

I am getting a bit off of the "room" subject here but these called my name.  Since we are slooowly staging the house to sell I have been trying to figure out a way to keep the piles of dirty clothes a little prettier so to speak..(yes I am ill).  Thinking about something along the lines of the picture below..I might make something but if these little guys are in my acceptable thrifty range I might just have to order these..I mean really who has time to make stuff when trying to sell a house with 3 kids, a husband, a dog, cat,  part time job and blogging addiction. Crossing my fingers!
uh oh...I have never been much for ruffles..but how can a girl resist?
Little and yet still lovely
This has been my favorite room yet!  I tucked it away in the ol folder a while back and I still LOVE it! The windows, the color...the windows, the color..
My first thought when I saw this.."they must have 3 kids too".  MUST resist the urge to have more than one set of washers and dryers.

And we will end with this light and lovely laundry.
nothing like having a place to hang things to dry and windows, windows, windows!
Thanks for dreaming with me!  All pictures can be found and linked to through my Pinterest Account!  Have a wonderful, relaxing, laundryless weekend!