Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome Home

We went away for a couple of days and came home to spring in half bloom!  I would say full bloom but I know that in the next few weeks our flower beds are gonna be crazy with color!  That is the beauty of wildflowers!
Pictured below is one of our trusty perennials the flame acanthus it's a little hard to see due to the purple bougainvillea in the background

I should know this but I think that purple guy in the picture below is a larkspur...correct me if I'm wrong..I like to know this stuff!  Do you see what I mean about the craziness that is about to bloom in this bed?

 I just really like this view of the beds in the back yard.  We love to mix a little rustic metal in with all of our plants.  There use to be a big rusty metal cactus in the far corner but we removed it so potential homebuyers wouldn't expect it to come along with the house.
 Have you ever seen a red bluebonnet?  Doesn't even really make sense does it? is more of a maroon color to me.  Why we don't have any bluebonnets(the Texas state flower) in our yard I don't know.  We will have to work on that!
 Oh and these are my favorite wildflowers these days!  Red poppies..they put on quite a show...
 We were a bit shocked to see that we actually had some red strawberries when we got home too!  Only one was ready to eat so the two bigger kids had to split it! Ha!  Believe it or not they didn't mind..they get such a kick out of growing things and reaping the rewards
 Another newer favorite is this flax.  It isn't the show stopper that the poppies are but I love how delicate it is and it gets to be a pretty good size
 Love Love Love our agave plants(huge blue/gray guy in the background) easy and so cool!
 And one more poppy picture..Love how they look next to this texas white stone
Now the lawn on the other hand...still a work in progress ....but I just had to share some of the reasons this is my favorite time of the year!